July 28, 2007

Our Troops Want to Stay in Iraq?

During the debates Tuesday night, one after another Senators rose to say that they had been told by soldiers that they are proud to be in Iraq. That they want to stay there to 'fight for freedom.' Click here and judge for yourself the truth of those statements.


TomCat said...

Those poor troops are just getting used up. When this is finally over, we will have no army.

an average patriot said...

two crows
I have to tell you, for quite a few of our soldiers they are right. One of my own sons as you may know is EOD and been more than once to Iraq and Afghanistan and is volunteering to go back to Iraq to lead his troops. Bush has him and many others brain washed.

two crows said...

agreed, TC. and, when we really need them, we can go whistle.

oh, AAP--
so sorry. it must be so difficult to sit by and watch him live out Bush's fantasy life.

and it so ironic to see the rich kids so vividly depicted in the video on the sidebar who blare the trumpet until they're asked why THEY aren't in Iraq. and, so obviously, the thought hadn't even occurred to them. so they come up with excuses.

the excuse they don't mention is -- they're rich. OTHERS are supposed to FIGHT the wars. they plan to grow up to be the ones who send them.

Alien Citizen said...

Ugh. They see what they want to see but I do agree with Average Patriot that the brain washing for some has been quite effective. There is no doubt however that not only do many current soldiers question the occupation of Iraq but fewer and fewer young people are eager to join those already there. Military recruitment is hitting on hard times. I went to see the Harry Potter movie at the theater on Monday and there was a long recruitment video for the national guard preceding the movie previews. During this video, they portrayed the uncertainty of where guardsmen would be from one day to the next (sent to Iraq or elsewhere) as an exciting element of the job. Even after sitting through that, I got to hear more of the propaganda broadcast over the theater's radio system when I took a break to go to the "loo". If you ask me, the loo is exactly where such lies belong. I'm glad, at least, that fewer young people are eager to leave themselves at the mercy of the military in recent days.