August 28, 2007

Another Head in the Place the Sun Don't Shine

Today, I heard some republican on the msm trying to sell the fact of Bush's approval rating climbing to 32% as GOOD news!
Only 2/3 of the American people hate him and think he's a fool -- and that is spun as a positive. . . .


Robert Rouse said...

It's always lightest just before the dark. Or something like that.

Mary Ellen said...

I think that's about as good as it's going to get...if it's even true. The good news is that he also gets 2/3 of the pervert vote!

two crows said...

hey robert--
wish it WOULD get light. we could use some right about now.

two crows said...

hi, m e--
yeah -- if it's even true.
I keep wondering who these people are who, one week say they see him as an incompetent fool and the next week approve of what he's doing.
did gas prices dip 3c or something?