August 27, 2007

Play Handel's Chorus

[To accompaniment of Handel in background]
HE'S OUT!!!!!!

Wish I had time to post more-- but I'm severely handicapped and it's taking forever to get this in as it is. Suffice go say, couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy-- well, yes it could-- and I'm hoping it does, though I'm not holding my breath.

Now, I'm going offline to go listen to the news and try to figure out setting up Vista at the same time.
cu all.


an average patriot said...

two crows

I bet you the slime gets an Award for lying for the chief idiot and now he will simply be replaced by Chertoff or another proven liar. Now you peaked my interest, we talked i heard your voice. What is your Handicap if I may ask or are you kidding?

an average patriot said...

two crows
I don't know if it was my site or not but I couldn't get H's chorus To play.

two crows said...

I've gotta stop with the metaphors. they don't translate well to computers, I guess.

my 'handicap' was trying to post on a brand new laptop using Vista [which I don't know] AND the laptop's sorry excuse for a mouse.

and the Hallelujah Chorus was s'posed to play in the background -- in your head.


meanwhile, I went out today and bought a converter for my kvm so I can use the big kid's monitor, keyboard and mouse.
you'd think it'd be plug-n-play --- NOT.
so, I've gotta go figure out what I'm doing wrong here so the network recognizes huck -- the new puter.


an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
That's good! I have Vista if I can help with anything. I tried playing that again to no avail but I will try it again.

two crows said...

you tried playing what?

and, I'm finding the upside of having a laptop -- the first I've encountered so far.
the daily thunder and lightning storm started up. I hardly had to pause. I powered down and unplugged the desktop and unplugged the laptop and here I yam-- online during a lightning storm!!! kule!

and, yes, I already have a question for you about the &#*&&%($ vista!!!
if you're willing to send along your email address, I'd love to pick your brain.
or, do you still have my phone #?

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
Handel's chorus, never could play it. If it makes you feel better I thought your handicap was the system you were trying to work with but I had to ask.
You know I would be pleased to converse with you on Vista. It came with my new computer so maybe I have disks or something you can use.
You gave me your ph# but I can't find it right now. My E is and I look forward to hearing from you, Adios for now!

TomCat said...

Good riddance to bad rubBUSH!