August 24, 2007

Brilliant, Giuliani!

This from the Huffington Post:
Giuliani: Worse Than Bush -- by Stephen Schlesinger
The Republican presidential frontrunner, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, has just written his foreign policy credo for Foreign Affairs magazine. It is a truly unnerving pronouncement -- even worse than Bush-ism. Not unexpectedly, Mr. Giuliani backs all of the most brazen features of the Bush administration's global agenda. But he tosses in several deeply scary initiatives of his own that George W. never touched.

Giuliani first provides a post-facto assessment of the Vietnam War which serves as his base doctrine. He believes we could have won the war but we precipitously "withdrew" our support in 1972. Had we stayed, he says, South Vietnam would have achieved "political self-sufficiency." Instead, by caving into an "expansionist Soviet Union." we created a "weaker America."
. . . [H]e fails to acknowledge the fact that 58,000 American soldiers had already died for a South Vietnamese government that was hopelessly corrupt and had no popular support -- and that the American public was utterly fed up with the conflict. Nor does the former mayor address the secondary point that the putatively omnipotent USSR 17 years later lost the Cold War to the apparently "enervated" USA.
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So, Giuliani seems interested in continuing with a 'more-of-the-same policy.
Doesn't he get it??? GW is TANKING! And he wants to stay-the-course.
What a great idea. . . .

Our glass-half-full situation at the moment is that no Republican stands a snowball's-chance-in-hell of getting the Presidency. Thank goodness.


sumo said...

Thanks goodness indeed!

two crows said...

right on sumo--
but, after I posted that I had a chilling thought. the accepted wisdom last summer was that we couldn't wrest Congress from the Republicans -- and we did.

so, we must be careful not to rest on our laurels but be sure EVERYONE knows what a lunatic Giuliani is.
and Mitt. and all the rest of em.

Mary Ellen said...

If anyone in the Republican party is elected, we can expect another four years of Bush, nothing will change and our country will be even worse off than it is. They are determined to bring us into a depression (I think we are right on the edge), our military will be further destroyed, the draft will resume to try and make up for the lost lives in Iraq-but we won't have the money to give them the supplies or equipment they need. But the rich will have their tax breaks!!!

LET'S TALK said...

It appears if Rudy or should I say Judy, I do not know...don't pay me any attention.
It appears that if Rudy ran against Clinton, Rudy would take back the fleeing Republicans and most Independents as well.
Of all the people to run this country. I would say Rudy and Romney are two (2), people who should not get the nod.

Larry said...

This idiot will probably win since the Democrats have ran their own supporters away.

an average patriot said...

hey two crows
you are my first one handed attempt. after 5 hours i gave up trying to post today

guiliani you may know is Bush''s best hope of following his so called new order. i was going to write in part today about the idiot Bush saying the same thing.
we pulled out too early that is why we lost and why so many wasted deaths afterward. the idiot is too stupid to see that like then loss was guaranteed the day thr idiot attacked to force democrary on a country that as a whole did not want it.
then 97% of the names on the wall or whatever the number is, came about after Johnson was told the war could not be won militarily.You may remember the date and number. anyway bush can win nothing but more dead americans. civilians are going to be killed enmasse anyway. that is just beginning and despite the rhetoric nothing will change that.

TomCat said...

Giuliani is an idiot. There is no way we could have won in Vietnam short of destroying the country with nuclear weapons. For him to say that the reason we lost was precipitous withdrawal shows complete ignorance of history.

two crows said...

hi, m e--
yep. if a rep gets the White House or if the Reps grab Congress again, we're doomed for sure.

I hate to think it, but I sometimes wonder if that's not the real reason Pelosi took impeachment off the table so precipitously.

do the dems see leaving BushCo in office as the easiest way to sweep both branches in 2008?
if they ARE playing politics with the lives of our troops, they deserve no more respect than Bush and his cronies do.

two crows said...

hey, l t --
and, given our batting average, these days, that fact alone almost certainly guarantees one of them the nomination.
heck, maybe they'll team up -- can you imagine a ticket with Rudy and Mitt in the 1 and 2 positions?

two crows said...

oh, larry--
DON'T say it.
we've got to find someone to put in the White House that can salvage what's left. we've GOT to!

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
how's your wrist. just keep hunt-and-pecking one handed. don't strain it or it'll take even longer to heal.

and thanks for stopping by.

yep. Giuliani has been unashamedly using 9/11 as his platform ever since 2001. and his walking over 3,000 bodies to get to the WH is looking pretty sick from over here.

and Bush is beyond hope of redemption. he's just going to keep the troops over there so the reps can blame the dems for the bloodbath that WILL follow withdrawal whenever and however it occurs.

two crows said...

hey tc--
what rock was HE sleeping under in 1973 and 74?

just like now, everyone but the hawky-ist hawks knew Vietnam was lost YEARS before we pulled out. how long was France over there before we even went in???

Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice and Giuliani are all cut out of the same bolt. Fools, all of em.