August 25, 2007

What The Hey Is Happening To Me?

Hey, folks--
Given the radical changes in my lifestyle since I moved, I'm not sure how much longer this blog is going to survive.
I'm so busy, these days, Molly and Huck [the computers] often get a wave and a nod as I speed by.

I've joined the neighborhood watch, I'm planning on volunteering at a local hospice soon and I've begun TRYING to interest the people around here in recycling [an uphill battle if ever there was one.]

This morning at 7 [what used to be the middle of the night, for me :) ] I went to the weekly koffee klatch [sp?]. Then home for my weekly ritual/worship service [ aka: Car Talk and Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! on NPR] and THEN --
because everyone else in my neighborhood has been doing it [and 'Yes, Mama, if all my friends were jumping off cliffs, I would, too :) ] I went to Best Buy and bought a laptop.

So, I spent the afternoon at a friend's home as we worked our ways through the intricacies of Vista and restrained each other from taking baseball bats to our respective puters [her first, my fifth or so -- but we were both thoroughly frustrated within a few hours.]
All this is to say that my posts are very likely to drop to 3 or 4 times per week again. There just aren't enough hours in the day, these days.

I'll make my daily rounds to your places, time permitting and I hope you'll keep dropping by here -- at least for a while to see if I'm keeping my head far enough above the rising tide to get the occasional post put up.

Who knew this hermit would suddenly become a social butterfly? _I_ sure didn't!


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Two crows:

Good for you that you are involved in so many activities! :)

Btw... you will love the laptop!

two crows said...

thanks SQ--
this is brand new for me. I was such a hermit -- the puter was my main contact with the outside world.

and, right now, vista is my biggest enemy!
I found some beautiful pics and put one up as wallpaper. now, I've lost em and don't know WHERE they went!!! rrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!

if anyone knows where the pic files that include the pic of the river rocks are, would you puh-leeeze leave a comment here???

Larry said...

Two Crows you are getting as popular in your own little world, as you are in the blogosphere!

two crows said...

awwwwwww--gee, thanks, larry
**digging toe into the dust and blushing** :)

two crows said...

and, fwiw in case some geek out there can help.
the pic I really want to find is a seascape with a mountainous coast and a kind of yellowish sky.

does ANYONE know where that pic could have escaped to???

any help would be deeply appreciated.

Mary Ellen said...

I know what you mean, two crows. I can't tell you how many times I went to bed at night with the full intention of closing my blog the next day. It's difficult to keep up and that's why I no longer do a "real" post on Sundays...just a fun thread.

I won't speak for others, but I'm sure they feel the same what you have to do and even if you only post once a week, I'll be around to visit. After all, all that stuff you are busy with is what makes you the great person we all like to "talk" to!

Have a great day, two crows-enjoy!

two crows said...

thanx for the words of encouragement, m e--
it's good to know I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed sometimes.

as for having a good day---- HA! snortle chork, sniffle, giggle -- that's as close as I can get to hysterical laughter.

tomorrow morning a geek is coming to help me set up the new network. so, today, I have to scrub the hard drive of the computer I'm retiring and prepare the new Huck for networking. and set up the physical space for the laptop which I don't want to put on the floor under the desk [where the old Huck was.] decisions, decisions.

Mary Ellen said...

My lap top is in the shop...still. My husband will be glad when it comes back because I keep hogging the good computer in the basement. I'd be happy to give this thing up, even if it is new...I hate being underground all the time! My lap top went everywhere with me, and I got a lot more done around the house. Although, I am a little hooked on this big monitor, mine is very small on the laptop (it's an old one). Maybe I'll ask Santa for a new one. :-)

two crows said...

hey, m e--
sorry your puter is sick. what's it got?

over here, I finally found that pic I was looking for. whatever possessed the folks who developed vista to make TWO picture files -- one for the wallpapers and another for 'sample pics' and then place them in different files far away from each other???
those folks certainly never took classes in logic. :(

and, before talking to Santa, be sure and have some posts in the hopper or be ready to take some time off from divine dem while you learn vista.

TomCat said...

Now I get it. I was wondering if you were mad at me. ;-)

T think your community involvement is great. While you're at it, p-shrink a few GOPers. :-)