August 22, 2007

Just How Scared Are They?

The Rove Legacy -- By Peter Baker -- Washington Post Staff Writer

As he packs his desk just 15 steps from the Oval Office, Karl Rove says he will not join any 2008 presidential campaign. That's just as well because none of the Republican candidates presumably could afford the association even if they wanted his strategic smarts. Besides, none of them is running the campaign quite the way he would. The candidate who seems to be adopting his style and methods the most so far? Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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I'd dearly love to know Peter Baker's political leanings.

From everything I see, I think Clinton has the Republicans running scared. They seem to be terrified of her. They certainly keep bad-mouthing her and predicting dire things should she win next year. I haven't seen them doing the same with Obama or Edwards.

And now to link her name with the great Satan himself? This smacks of dirty pool, to me. What a spin!

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