August 21, 2007

btw--this is unrelated to the above vid but, oh, what the hey--
I shamelessly stole this link from Left of Centrist weeks ago [thanks for posting it, Robert].
Check there to find out how your representative voted on further eroding our liberties.
Please, write them. Let them come back from their vacations to find their in-boxes crammed with mail. Remind them that WE VOTE, TOO and, if the Constitution is so unimportant to them and their vacations so important-- they can go on PERMANENT vacation!

I wasn't surprised by my current rep's vote; he's a Republican, after all. I'll do whatever I can to send him packing next year.
And, I was pleased [though again, unsurprised] to see that my former rep in MO, voted nay. Since I can't do anything to help him stay in office, at least I could drop him a thank you note. So, I did. It's just as important to let them know when we're pleased by what they're doing as to let them know when we want to kick some ass.

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