August 20, 2007

I’m finally getting to that Thoughtful Blogger Award so thoughtfully given to me by Mary Ellen, The Divine Democrat . Thanx, M E.

First, I’d like to mention the fact that I feel a little cheated here as I’d really like to award this honor to Mary Ellen, herself. She lives up to the spirit and the letter of it so well. But, since she gave it to me, I think that’s probably against the rules.

Also, I want to give an honorable mention to Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist .
He would’ve been on my list as well except, when I checked back on the rules, I found that he had given it to Mary Ellen who then gave it to me. So, it seems to me that that, too, would be beyond the Pale.
Still, his Blog World Report is so thoughtful and helpful to the rest of us, I can’t let his efforts go unmentioned.
My understanding of the award is that it is given to bloggers who respond to the commenters on their blogs—thus starting dialogs rather than creating monologs. While monologs have their places, imho, Blogsville isn’t one of them.

The TBA is also for those folks who link their blogs to those of others, who visit the blogging community and drop their 2c in various comments sections, keep discussions civil even when they disagree with other folk’s points of view, etc.

Given those considerations, I’m very happy to nominate the following folks for the Thoughtful Blogger Award:

Polishifter of Pissed on Politics.
This is one of my must-stop-by blogs daily. Poli is always good for informative posts well thought out. I have to admit, there’ve been times when my well was running dry, I’ve blatantly lifted stuff from Poli and given my take on it. He’s always been more than generous when I’ve grazed his pasture.

Knight Errant of Major Conflict.
Always good for current [and often off-the-beaten-path] information about this house of cards we’re living in. Again, I stop by here daily—though I spend more time lurking than commenting.

James Joiner of An Average American Patriot.
James recently sent me his well documented [frightening] ideas about this country. Btw—James, I apologize. When I was midway through it, I got sidetracked by family business and have yet to get back to it. I will—I promise.

Sad but True of Les Enrages. org.
Another blog I read daily. SbT ferrets out that article that's getting past the rest of us and shines a light on it. A service we all can certainly make use of. And, he is an encouraging commenter, always civil, in short, always thoughtful.

All these folks live up to the spirit and the letter of the Thoughtful Blogger Award and I recommend them highly.


Larry said...

Congrats Two Crows and good choices you have made.

two crows said...

thanx larry!

Mary Ellen said...

two crows

Thanks for the kind words! I'm also thrilled to see some new blogs on your list that I haven't had a chance to check out's always nice to get a good recommendation, and I trust your judgment.

an average patriot said...

Thanks two crows, I am honored. It means something when someone that cares recognizes your efforts and sincerity
I wish I knew how to put these awards on the right side of my Blog. Darn.

an average patriot said...

two Crows
By the way where did you find those rules?

two crows said...

you're welcome, m e --
twas frustrating, to say the least. :)

two crows said...

hey, AAP
do you still have my email address?

you've got stuff in your side bar. just put the pic on your desktop and enter it like any other pic, I think. right?
or am I missing something?

two crows said...

AAP again--
I think Politics Plus has em. but they're probably pretty well buried by now.

just choose as many folks as you want to give the award to,, link back to the person who gave you the award [me] and link to the folks you name.

write a blurb about why you made your choices -- or not -- just making a list is ok, too.

then let the people you awarded know you did it and where to find the award [I forgot to do the last step. glad you found it on your own.]

SadButTrue said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, and especially the comment about me 'ferreting out' the story that was often missed. I try hard to break the mold of the blogosphere being nothing but an echo chamber. It's one thing for a big blog to link a story they saw on a small blog to give it more prominence. For a small blog getting 100 hits a day or so to link to a big blog is just ridiculous, so our job is a lot harder in that respect. You have to dig a little deeper to do real 'value added' blogging.

an average patriot said...

two crows
I don't know if I have your Email address anymore since I switched carriers. I can sift through me old files and see if I can find it but you can sure help me by sendimg it to this slow guy again.
I will have to keep looking at how to add the pic on the right but it does not seem to simple to me but I will try. Again I thank you for the recognition and I can at least put it on the left side today. Thanks again!

two crows said...

hey, SbT--
and I do always find value on your site.
and, knowing that, if we don't see perfectly eye-to-eye, I won't get flamed is a lovely addition.

two crows said...

and, AAP--
you have stuff on your sidebar already, so I just figured you'd know how to put pics there.
here's how:
1] download the pic from my site and put it on your desktop or wherever.
2] open your layout editor and click on 'add a page element.'
3] choose 'picture' from the drop-down menu and click on the 'add to blog' button
4] with the radio button 'from your computer' clicked, click the 'browse' button, find the pic on your computer. copy & paste the title of the file into the slot, make sure 'shrink to fit' is checked and click 'save changes.'

after you've uploaded it, you don't even need to keep the file unless you just want to.
anyhow, that's all there is to it.
if it's still clear as mud, drop another comment and I'll open my email address and we can trouble shoot any problems there. howzat? :)

an average patriot said...

two crows
You're all right. I never heard of a radio button but you have given me enough info to think about. I am clueless with all this stuff. I hopefully will be able to figure it out so thanks. You will be hearing from me. I did already grab the pucture so I'll get to this. Thanks again!