August 30, 2007

The Hurricane Next Time

The Flooding Didn't Destroy Enough Houses by Harry Shearer --
The Huffington Post
Along with other New Orleanians, I've been amazed at the lack of alacrity with which both Republicans and Democrats have approached the problem of a federally caused flood . . . .
Now the answer becomes clear: the post-Katrina flooding just didn't destroy enough houses.
Or at the right time.
As Shearer mentions in his article, those folks in NOLA should've had the sense to schedule Katrina during primary season.


an average patriot said...

Hey two crows!
It did its job. katrina was allowed to do what politicians failed to do for years and that was to clean out public housing and the poor.
Now that it is cleaned out only enough to keep services running for industry will find a place for themselves. The lower 9th is still down and the levees are not scheduled to be repaired till 2015.
But mardi gras is on and the affluent are doing better than ever.Bush had the Balls to pont out that NO is better than ever. Tell that to the thousands of still homeless or whatever you want to call them.

Larry said...

Just like he did with the 9/11 attacks, Bush is using the tragedy of Katrina for his own personal gain.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
yep. keep those poor folk down where they belong.
seems like Bush listened to his mama.

acourse, he couldn't have done it alone. or not as effectively, anyway. I haven't seen that many dems rushing to NOLA's aid, either.

but they're sure ready to bail out all those folks who are over their heads with their mortgages. after all, they have roots in their communities -- and might even VOTE!!!

well, I [and those folks in trailers, no doubt] have news for them -- the homeless vote, too, if they can produce a piece of mail with an address on it. and, after 2 years of THIS I'll bet they show up in record numbers come next election.
and they're scattered all over the country, now. it'll make em that much harder to target. oops -- a wrinkle the party bosses hadn't thought about.

two crows said...

hey, larry--
well, what kind of politician would he be if he didn't do THAT????
an honest one?