August 31, 2007

The Way to Ensure Failure: Let George Do It

Let's see--
Bush proposed the Division of Homeland Security--then promptly cut funding to all the agencies under its umbrella.
He took us to war and immediately cut salaries and benefits to the troops.
He started the 'No Child Left Behind' Act and cut funding to our schools.
He proposed a mission to Mars and cut NASA's funding by one third.
He packed the supreme court then tried to make it irrelevant by banning it from hearing certain cases.
Now, he wants to research alternative energy sources. Well--so much for renewable fuels, wind and geothermal power. . . .

Back in February of 2006, the governors were up in arms about the fact that the Bush administration wanted the Pentagon to cut funding, salaries, etc. to the National Guard. They made the cuts while so many in the National Guard were serving in Iraq that those remaining here at home were thin on the ground.

The governors said that in the event of a national emergency—anything from a hurricane, tornado or forest fire to a terrorist attack to a pandemic—we just didn’t have the people to meet the crisis. So, what did the administration suggest to meet these threats? Pay cuts.

Way to go, George. Let’s make absolutely certain that no one wants to serve in our defense against the numerous things that might go wrong in this house of cards we live in. Let those tempests blow—and make sure we have no defense against them.


LET'S TALK said...

The cost of the war in Iraq now exceeds $3 billion a week. If George could just let America use some of that money, just maybe Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind, Health care and so many other programs want have to be cut.

Mary Ellen said...

Another complaint from the Governors is that all the National Guard equipment is in Iraq and little has been left at home. Even if they had any troops, the troops don't have the equipment they need.

If the MSM actually made an effort to pound on this stuff, we wouldn't be in this mess. Instead, we are only hearing about Vic losing his career and some spoiled brat celebrity that runs around partying instead of taking care of her kids.

two crows said...

hi, LT --
what?!? take money away from Georgie's pet project? hell, he might throw a tantrum or something. congress isn't going to let THAT happen!

two crows said...

hi, M E--
and our house of cards is teetering on the edge of the cliff that Katrina is washing away.

and, ah, remember the good old days when the press actually held the gov't accountable for something? I guess that's not sexy enough, these days, so it doesn't bring in the ratings.
and, it might actually take some research to figure out who's doing what. you know -- actual work. . . .