August 12, 2007

We're Not Only Incompetent -- We're Crooks, Too

I heard yesterday morning --
1] FEMA has been trying to suppress [with Bush apparently urging them to do so] the fact that the trailers handed out during Katrina's wake had, from the outset, unsafe levels of formaldehyde in the floors, walls and ceilings.

2] Two years after Katrina tore up the gulf coast the vast majority of survivors remain homeless. Many are housed in what are, essentially, concentration camps.

3] Those who survived Katrina against horrific odds are giving up in vast numbers..
Their suicide rates are climbing catastrophically now. This may be a result of reaching the 2-year anniversary with virtually no progress toward resolution. No one knows for sure-- though that is a very good guess, imo.
4] Bush didn't mention Katrina in his State of the Union speech last January.

Meanwhile, we're spending vast amounts on the war in Iraq -- which has been proved to have had NO role in the events of 9/11. Today, Bush denies he ever said it did. There is, tho, much film documentation that he said exactly that.
And, people in this country, whom Bush promised to help are still dying.
What kind of world are we living in?
Please watch these videos. The last one shows the plight of the animals in New Orleans as of this past June.

one year later

18 months later

June 22, 2007


TomCat said...

What kind of world? The kind that none of dremed was possible in 1998.

Larry said...

We live in a world that has been destroyed by the morals of monkeys who climb their cages of corruption, while sucking on the banana peels of our lives!

pekka said...

The low tech world at my disposal protects me from the overload that would perhaps been the result of seeing those videos. However, I can imagine.

Once again, I read or heard somewhere, that the life expectancy in the U.S., that used to be ranked as the 11th, has sunk during the last decade to the 42nd in the world. No surprise here, for your African American population is mainly taking the punch.

What sort of men are these fellows in the White House who can justify
this sort of a state of affairs? That is not a real question, by the way. You would think, that for a moment, they would be able to put aside only functioning for those of their own ilk and crow into being something bigger, more statesman like, and caring for all Americans. How can one justify this extremely partisan and cynical view of the responsibility of presidency?

Yes, I believe, that these men are incapable of feeling any pain for those neglected poor souls that they took the oath to protect.

two crows said...

you got that right, TC

hey, larry--
that about sums it up

hi, pekka--
11 was a shameful figure for a country with the resources available to this country but FORTY TWO can only be described as criminal.

maybe that's part of the plan of these people who claim to value life while supporting the death penalty and admit they are against universal health care. the elderly and the poor are more likely to vote democrat, after all.
I do believe that's how they perceive us: as simply a resource and-- if we don't deliver by assuring they stay in office --well, we have no usefulness to offer them.
pardon me, is my cynicism showing?

LET'S TALK said...

It's apparent that we have the wrong man and Administration in office to run this country properly. Bush calls himself a Christian and Evangelicals and a lot of average Americans who are Christian believe in this man and question nothing, believing that he can do no wrong because he is as he labels himself, a Christian.

I am not going to make that same phrase, what would Jesus do, because anyone that believes in Jesus knows that he would have never done what our Christian President has done. NOTHING!

We Americans are all people who breath, live and die. Not one of us is as better or worse than the other, until you weight the pros and cons of what we do or not.

If we kill, steal, lie, disregard the poor and needy. Then we are not worth being called a person who cares for our citizens or our country.

What this President has done is bordering on genocide, he just has not put a gun to their heads.

Those videos are so shameful and hurtful that I just will never understand how this man can say he's protecting America. He's protecting the rich by wanting to give another tax cut to the corporations, that is who and what he is President of. Anyone who cannot see this are simply lying to themselves.

two crows said...

hey, L T--
I'm beginning [well, not 'beginning' actually] to think that Bush's plan all along has been to thin the ranks of those who would potentially vote Democrat:

first, by making sure substantial numbers died. second, by walking all over the poorer and older survivors. and third, by making sure they don't all congregate in one place again.

Divide and conquer, ya know.

TomCat said...

I read this morning that vast sums of Katrina aid are flowing to build million dollar condos near the University of Alabama. The Crimson Tide has turned green.