August 13, 2007

Still Wishing The House Had Landed On Him

Ding Dong! Rove is Gone!
The munchkins are dancing all over the yellow brick road!

Of course, we all know this guy 's track record when it comes to **ahem** telling the truth **ahem**.
I just HOPE he stays out of politics in future.

And, oh, btw-- Does anyone believe the BS about wanting to spend more time with his family?
Note to Dem party -- 'Can you indict him NOW?'

Still, I'll take what I can get. I'm pulling on my striped stockings and bloomers and running out to join the munchkins.
Aha! I've got it!
Maybe it IS for the sake of his family.
Here're a couple of scenarios:
His wife goes to the 7-11 to buy bread and milk wearing a heavy veil for fear she might be recognized and have her car egged -- or worse.
Or she's hiding in the basement when the meter reader comes to determine what the next electric bill will be.

"Karl! You've got to DO something!!!"
"Yes, Dear."


Mary Ellen said...

Maybe Rove figures he'll spend time with his family before his ass is carted off to jail. It's a thought...a very pleasant thought, indeed!!!

pekka said...

This hunka hunka of burning love, Rove, engraved his likeness in my mind after I saw a cool video of him rapping and break dancing. You remember the one I am talking about? I admit of not knowing Mrs.Rove (poor woman), but I can just imagine the fear she is living in with the anticipation of Karl baby staying home 24/7. Unless, of course, she knows, like we all do, that her beefcake, Karl, can't tell the truth.

Holy smokes, I threw those commas a lot up there! Tell me TC, how you English speakers would do it! I am serious.

an average patriot said...

okay two crows
You won't like this but Rove's executive privelage is for lif and he canot be touched. Worse he is now freed up at this time purposely to go after Dems in the 2008 elections. This is not good.
Worse is his track record from Day one and that he is a Presidents best friend and always rewarded for his lies. Ask Nixon, I can only shake my head. These underhanded bee hives just don't quit. They are ruthless.
Anyway look what I put together today and then see what you think.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm not sure if the executive privilege is going to stick. Bush can claim executive privilege as much as he wants, it's up to the courts as to whether that will hold up. It depends on how far the Senate investigative committee pushes it. So far, they've been wimps, we'll have to see what they do when they get back from their recess.

As far as Rove being available to help other candidates, I say go for it! He didn't do much good in the 2006 election and the American people are on to his dirty tricks. Whichever candidate he decides to help is sure to lose.

LET'S TALK said...

Rove is a bad habit that needs to be away from the White House. He will still be around for Bush and most likely for the next Republican candidate.

two crows said...

I'm with you, m e!

hey, pekka--
ooooohhhh-- poor Ms. Rove. to have THAT prospect on the horizon.
as to your commas -- they _can_ be confusing. I have been known, after writing a sentence, to go back and weed em out. I'm an english speaker whose mom taught english and I still get confused.

just one more anomaly of the language which can actually spell the word 'fish' as 'g-h-o-t-i'. sheesh.

hey, aap--
oh, say it ain't so!!!
my hope is that the NEXT Congress might be made up of a vertebrate species and convict the denizens of BushCo. how far would executive privilege go, THEN?

m e --
from your mouth to God's ear.
oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please,

l t--
my guess is that you're right -- he's positioning himself to head the next rethug's campaign.
may he do as well as he did in 2006.

btw, everyone--
I heard yesterday that Thompson's strategy, assuming he ever gets around to announcing his candidacy, is to run TOWARD Bush!!!

funny -- he doesn't LOOK like a man with a death wish.

Larry said...

This "family time" won't last long.

A dog always returns to his vomit!

Mary Ellen said...

two crows

I watched a few of the cable news shows today and the gushing over Karl Rove was enough to make me puke. They call him a genius when he was nothing more than a vile piece of garbage.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

No, I don't believe the BS about spending more time with family.

Rove should be in prison! I hope he gets indicted for some of his crimes!

two crows said...

yeah, larry--
family time--shmamily time.
he'll be plotting Thompson's campaign in no time.

m e --
what is with these folks? where'd you hear that??

yep, SQ--
'twould be lovely.
not holding my breath, tho. at least not till Congress grows a spine. and, given the rate at which evolution happens---- hmmm-- what WAS the evolution period between jellyfish and vertebrates, anyway?

sumo said...

It's hard to think of this man having any family...who would want to breed with that thing? He makes Kucinich look good.

two crows said...

hey, sumo--
the one I feel sorry for is his son.
his wife chose to be with him -- no matter how deluded her choice was.
but his son didn't consciously choose his father.

TomCat said...

Rove does want to spend time with his spiritual family: Machiavelli and Goebbels.

an average patriot said...

The rumors are swirling too. Consensus seems to be that he is going to concentrater on attacking Hillary.
I do know he will never stop his dirty politics and will always work with republicans. He was born for this crud and he loves it.
He will also continue to pull the white house strings from wherever his underhanded efforts take him.

two crows said...

g;morning, AAP--
I'm sure you're right.
and, yes, I think he'll concentrate on Clinton -- at least for the moment.
why the rethugs are so worried about her is beyond me. from what I read, she's already dividing the dems [tho I doubt she'll do enough dividing to get a republican into the white house -- that would take miraculous intervention which, no matter how much these folks claim to have an inside track with God, ain't gonna happen.
of course, that's barring an attack and implementation of martial law.]