August 16, 2007

Why Wait?

This from the Washington Post:
Rove's Blind Spot -- By Harold Meyerson

. . . [A]rchitect of an enduring Republican majority? The great realigner? What were the pundits of 2002 and 2004 smoking?

In fact, Rove exhibited astonishing blindness toward some of America's most basic political realities -- in particular, a pervasive economic insecurity that undercut the prospects of the Bush administration's program.

In a brilliant and fortuitously timed article on Rove in the new issue of the Atlantic, reporter Josh Green (a former American Prospect colleague of mine) notes that realignments in American politics tend to emerge from periods of wrenching change: the Depression of the '30s, the racial and cultural revolutions of the '60s. They are not willed by political consultants who fancy themselves deep thinkers.
See here for the complete text.
The article predicts that, decades from now, historians will wonder why Rove was hailed as a genius.
Why wait decades? I know a LOT of people who are beating the rush.

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