September 28, 2007

Are They Getting Warmer?

This from Grist:
How Green Is Your Candidate?
Where the presidential candidates stand on climate and energy issues -- By David Roberts

All of the Democratic presidential candidates put energy independence and climate change among their top-tier issues. They all support carbon cap-and-trade systems of varying strengths. They all at least gesture at renewable energy and hybrid cars. Most support ethanol and "clean coal." The aggressiveness of their climate and energy plans rises inversely with their chances of winning -- the better the chances, the weaker the plan.
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If I were a one-issue voter, Richardson would most likely grab my vote, here. Of course, I'm not -- so I'd want to know lots more about his stands on other things before making up my mind. Given the splash he hasn't made among the rest of the population, it's probably a moot point, anyway.


an average patriot said...

two crows
I really wish not just for the environment but for us and the world that Gore would run. Short of him everyone else is inadequate. I will go for Edwards unless something better comes up and he seems pretty green. Obama is still a possibility but we'll see if there will even be elections.

proudprogressive said...

Two Crows, hello i am a new visitor and very much like your blog. Its now blog rolled on mine. Richardson is my governor. He is not perfect by any means. He has his positives though. I sent Kucinich money. He is the only one i truly truly like.

Have you seen this ? ? Its for public campaign financing..has free action kits etc.

Richardson on the War , gained big ground in my mind. Here in NM we have LGBT non discrim laws that do include transgendered which is great.
Edwards rehabed himself on the lgbt stuff,in that he wants kids educated. He does understand poverty but he needs to look more closely at his war stance..its hurting him badly.

The top tier war mongers ..NO NO and NO. Hillary is at the very bottom of my list. Dodd is moving up in my mind because he cares and speaks about restoring the constitution..I believe Impeachment needs to be on the table..big time. I do not want any dem in office with these precidents in place. ..Obama is good, but just not ready for prime time. YET. I like him very much but feel he is too susceptable to manipulation due to his lack of experience. He needs to lead loud and proud in the senate for awhile..

just my .5 cents..and great blog forgot how i found it..maybe on from the left ? but glad i did.

- pp

I am a Green actually.

proudprogressive said...

Richardson also has made great strides in NM with health care and education and really is pretty damn green.He deserves more exposure credit than he has gotten. He is not without his detractors here either that is for sure.

Sadly though the Navajo land has just agree to a yet another coal power plant..BAD BAD BAD - there are four already in the four corners region..they are however sovereign..sooo what can u do. There ought to be other ways to have desparately need jobs and prosparity on the Reservation. People are still dying to this day from the Uranium mining up there,still without running water or electricity..its a shame ...sigh

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I wish the same. I've signed every petition that has come my way and sent letters to editors. I don't think he's gonna, tho. while the election season did get off to an early start, it's starting to get to be too late for him to toss his hat.

welcome to PP&D, PP--and thanks for the blogroll.
I'll take a look at just6dollars.

so glad to know that about LGBT legislation. it's long past due and I hope other states will follow.

I'm still open on the presidential candidates. watching to see who will trim their sails as they get closer to the nomination.
honesty is going to be a main factor for me as will committing to restore the Constitution.

after that the war, the environment, education, doing whatever we have to do to restore the economy [even if the short term is painful] taking a long, hard look at corporate welfare, working toward ending discrimination against all minorities and women -- and plenty more I'm not thinking of right this minute all need to be factored in.

anyhow, glad you popped in. now I'm gonna go check out your site. :)

Larry said...

Hillary is green for war and that is about it for her.

Mary Ellen said...

Well...I'm for this guy.

Mike Gravel is running for president in order to make Dennis Kucinich look like a serious candidate. Or something. It's hard to tell from his campaign ad. He has advocated a cap on carbon emissions, an international effort to battle climate change, and a large-scale fight against deforestation. He also wants to legalize marijuana, which would likely improve enjoyment of that campaign ad.

Marijuana is green, right?

In all seriousness, I'm for Edwards. I like his plan because he gave specifics on how it could be done and it's something that he's talked about well before he started to run for office, so I know he's serious about it and not using it for campaign rhetoric.

But...I'm still for marijuana.

Larry said...

Favorable Ratings from Rasmussen

Here is a list of favorable
ratings from all candidates organized by net difference.

Candidate favorable/unfavorable (NET)

John Edwards: 51%/41% (NET 10%)
Barack Obama: 51%/43% (NET 8%)
Hillary Clinton: 52%/46% (NET 6%)
Fred Thompson: 43%/37% (NET 6%)
Rudy Giuliani: 49%/45% (NET 4%)
Mike Huckabee: 30%/28% (NET 2%)
Bill Richardson: 32%/32% (NET 0%)
John McCain: 40%/43% (NET -3%)
Mitt Romney: 40%/44% (NET -4%)
Duncan Hunter: 18%/24% (NET -6%)
Joe Biden: 31%/40% (NET -9%)
Chris Dodd: 26%/35% (NET -9%)
Dennis Kucinich: 27%/37% (NET -10%)
Ron Paul: 23%/34% (NET -11%)
Sam Brownback: 21%/36% (NET -15%)
Tom Tancredo: 16%/33% (NET -17%)
Mike Gravel: 13%/30% (NET -17%)

two crows said...

hey Larry--
yeah -- the front tier candidates are less green than the back benchers are. **sigh**

hi, M E--
hee hee! another reason to be for legalization of mj-- it's good for the environment!
it's not as screwy as it sounds though -- there really is something to be said for that argument. though it wouldn't be enough if that were the only reason. luckily, it's not, by any means.

thanx for that list, Larry--
isn't it funny that the only thing the front runner on the republican side has in his favor is face- recognition?
he's been in the race for-- what? --2 weeks now? and he's already made several gaffes.