October 1, 2007

Marijuana Mondays

Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist suggested spending some time focusing on the legalization [or, at least, the decriminalization] of marijuana. What a great idea this is--

[For the record, I favor its legalization -- but I'm a realist and I'll settle for decriminalization as a first step.]
Before prohibition of alcohol, lots of people were for the issue.
After it had been in effect for a while, when alcohol- related violent crime had risen to epic proportions, when bootleggers had taken to hanging around elementary schools trying to get ten-year-olds to try a taste, when our prison population had risen dramatically, etc. etc. many of those same people were clamoring for its repeal.

We find ourselves in the same position we were in then. The ' War on Drugs' has become a war on our citizenry.
The US has more people in prison and on probation/parole than any other country. This includes all the brutal dictatorships right on down to those countries that have taken sane attitudes toward drug use.

Completely legal clinics that dispense medical marijuana to people who have legal prescriptions for the drug are subject to being raided by S.W.A.T. teams.

Vast numbers of the people in our prisons have been incarcerated for nothing more than owning enough marijuana for their personal use. Their lives and those of their families are torn apart with children being removed from their homes, the adults losing their jobs even before they've been convicted of any crime and, often, the crisis ending in divorce simply so that the spouse left at home can maintain custody of the children.
All this has been perpetrated on our society in response to a drug that has been shown to have fewer risks than alcohol or tobacco, that is less addictive than caffeine and has several valid medicinal uses.
And it's all argued in favor of by people who claim to have our children's best interests at heart.

We would do well to question who the real beneficiaries are. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, perhaps?


Mary Ellen said...

Do we get free samples on "Marijuana Monday"?

I agree that it should be legal, but I also think if it is, there should be strict laws on driving while under the influence of marijuana. In fact, I wish the laws on drunk driving were more strict. I'm sick of hearing about people who have been arrested numerous times for drunk driving and still go out an kill someone. Why should someone die first, before they are thrown in jail. I think the first time one is caught driving drunk, they should get a mandatory 10 day sentence and the removal of their license for a year. If they are caught again, the punishment should be double. The third time....5 years in jail, no parole and permanent removal of their license. While in jail they should attend mandatory counseling .

Needless to say....I feel very strongly about this.

Medical marijuana should be Federally legal, not just legal in the States.

an average patriot said...

two crows
I favor decriminalization, legalization, and medical use. If Bush has his way anybody using it would be jailed for life or put in one of those FEMA concentration camps Anon wrote about. We are in so much trouble and it will only get worse and more visable the closer we get to elections.
Anyway I wanted you to see my reply to you so here you go.

an average patriot said...
two crows
Before I respond I want to say thank you now I know comments can come in. I was curoius because I had that space at the bottom of my post and couldn't get rid of it.
Also, I had a good heart to heart with my EOD hard core son yesterday and even he realizes we are screwed and someone must get someone elected that will put an end to Bush's Forever war. I am afraid he realizes now it is too late.
He just got back from Afghanistan and is due to go to Iraq in June but wonders what is nex? He loves the military and his job but does not like to be used as Bush is doing.
Anyway he is picking up his brother who just got back from Iraq at the airport today. Back to Jim, he is very hard core and you should have heard his stories. He is a field team leader and I pity anyone that disagrees or does not do their job.
what you were saying about Iran is true. At least that is what Amhadinejad said. He said we could be good for each other. However as you know, Bush wants to help Israel and dominate Iran so that will not ever happen.
For years now I have said the attack will be this fall as soon as Bush can find the excuse and beat Congress. He will soon and then it will be out of anyones control.
Today I am going to update this because Bush has the way to get his war with Iran going and that is surgical strikes. That is only going to serve to get this kicked off.

Robert Rouse said...

Great post, Two Crows! I posted some videos featuring some of the presidential candidates espousing their views of the Federal raids on medical marijuana patients. Bet you can't guess which parties candidates were more in favor of continuing the status quo. Actually, I suppose it would even be a guess so much as a "duh, well no kidding" type of thing.

I hope others follow our lead and start posting about the subject on "Marijuana Monday".

PoliShifter said...

Just to make things worse, BlackWater USA is being contracted to fight the war on drugs now also called narcoterrorism.

Ciggarettes are legal

ofcourse pot should be legal

two crows said...

hi, ME--
Of course, mj should be legal.
And, of course, that's the only way to regulate things like a legal age of use, driving under the influence, etc. While it remains illegal, the gov't's hands are tied as far as regulating it is concerned. How brilliant is that?

hi, AAP--
yes, obviously mj should be completely legal for adult use and medicinal use for adults AND children as needed.
it has far fewer side effects than many, many more potent drugs used to treat a number of ailments. how can humanity be so blind?

hey, Robert--
yes, I dropped in on your site earlier and viewed the vids. can't say I was surprised by any of the stands outlined by the folks who have gone on record so far.

hi Poli--
narcoterrorism????? oh my god--
right now, I'm watching yet another documentary on the Nazi party -- the propaganda they used is the exact parallel of calling marijuana use 'narcoterrorism.'

that is SO like BushCo. I'm nauseated but I can't say I'm surprised.
the 23% will buy it, of course. people NEVER DO learn, do they?

TomCat said...

I favor legalization. The right may say that 90% of heroin addicts started on marijuana, but 99% started on alcohol and 100% started on milk. However, if they legalize it, won't they tax is to heavily that only the rich will be able to afford it?