September 19, 2007

Fake Good News—The Only Kind We’re Likely to Get

Heard on NPR this morning:
The Florida Everglades has been taken off the Endangered Areas List.

Sounds like good news, right? Don’t leap to conclusions.

It seems the Geneva committee [I forget its full name] removed the Everglades from the list for purely political reasons, at the request of—get this—THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

Here’s the reasoning of the administration:

  • It’s a black-eye to this country to have an endangered area within its borders.
  • A PLAN has been set up.
  • Some [very minor] steps have begun being put into practice, but the more long-range and expensive steps on the list haven’t been begun yet and there is no timetable for their implementation.
  • But they’ve BEGUN taking action, so there’s no need to be on the list any longer.

So now Bush has something he can point to with pride: the Everglades has been removed from the International Endangered Areas List.
Thus, Bush BELIEVES it’s no longer endangered. And that’s what matters, right?


Mary Ellen said...

When will this madness end? How much more of our world will this asshole destroy? I hope this will wake up a few Floridians when it comes time to vote in 2008. What do you think, two crows? Is this making anyone angry over there or are they just accepting it?

two crows said...

from your mouth to God's ear, M E--
my guess is that the status quo will continue:

those who see what Bush is doing will add this to the list.

those who refuse to see, won't see this, either.

after all, after 6 years of Iraq, we're still there -- why should this be any different?

Larry said...

Does Bush ever consider anything other that profits for his elitists buddies.

Mary Ellen said...

Didn't you think it was bizarre when Dead-head Fred said he didn't know there was oil in the Everglades? Just what we need, another stupid assed, lazy president!

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
well, why should he? he's gotten away with doing only that ever since he was governor.

M E--
I'm so out of touch these days what with wallpaper, paint and the daily shut-down due to the lightning storms -- so I didn't know Thompson had weighed in to show his ignorance.
but, why am I not surprised?
the sky is black and looks like we're in for a light show soon. so, shutting down now. will see you when today's storm has passed.

only one storm per day [well, sometimes 2]-- this is what a drought in florida looks like.
c u :)

an average patriot said...

Something else for a boost, another phony accomplishment. I was a bit miffed about Thompsons stupid drilling comment. He has set his place as election comedy relief. As far as I'm concerned the everglades is still in trouble. Anything that depends on man's management for survival is in serious trouble. Today it is man himself!

two crows said...

yeah, AAC--
I was amazed when I heard this this AM.
What IS it with people? Bush just has to bat his eyelashes and he gets whatever he wants! Even Geneva rolls over and plays dead when Bush makes an outrageous request.

I do think I've finally got a handle on how Bush's brain works. Some months ago I posted a piece about Remeses setting up a war monument to himself that was based on a Big Lie. But, because the story was written down it was, to his mind, true.

I think Bush operates from the same mindset. So, since the everglades isn't on the endangered list anymore, it is, as far as Bush is concerned, out of danger. I think he really believes it.

What is so incredible to me is how the whole world just goes along with his fantasy.

Mary Ellen said...

My gosh, two crows...looks like you have had your share of bad weather.

I know what you mean about being out of touch with all the work at home. I've been doing a huge job in my kitchen (refinishing cabinets) and it's making blogging difficult on days. I listen to air america when I'm working though and just check my blog whenever I can. I have the paint on the keys to show husband is about to kill me!

two crows said...

hi, M E--
**sigh** this is just the norm for florida. these daily storms actually equal a drought -- so we could be in for more brushfires next winter when rainfall drops down to nil.
last march, fires north of here made breathing while outside pretty tricky.

I know what you mean about getting gunk on your keyboard. here, it's wallpaper paste and paint. luckily, the keyboard is the cheapest component so, if my keys all get stuck in the down-position it will, at least, be simple to replace. :)

good luck with your cabinets. now THERE'S a gunky job!

TomCat said...

I'm afraid this is more than just a phony accomplishment. Now that the Everglades is no longer endangered, he plans to open it up to his oil buddies to drill.

two crows said...

oh, good lord, TC!!
and Geneva just gave him carte blanche?
couldn't they see it coming?