September 3, 2007

From The Huffington Post:
Five Reasons to Engage Iran by Nathan Gonzalez

It seems that with every news cycle comes yet another attempt by the Bush administration to pave the way for a war with Iran. As if we weren't facing enough problems in Iraq, there seems to be a degree of laziness across the political spectrum when it comes to understanding Iran's political culture and finding ways to engage diplomatically. . . .

. . .Iran is a much more complicated (and potentially friendly) country than our media would like to portray it. Here are just five reasons to engage Iran diplomatically sooner, rather than later:
Gonzalez makes exceedingly good sense, here.
So, his logic will be ignored and the bombs will fall.

In fact, for insight into why BushCo is so gung-ho to bomb Iran, check out reason # 3.


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

The rumor has been they will hit Iran in October.. I've been hearing that for a long time. However, I hope that rumor is wrong!

an average patriot said...

Did you see Bush's plan to hit 1200 sites in 3 days in another "shock and awe" Blitzkrieg?,2933,295529,00.html
I included it as part of my story today. This will not be stoppedperiod, as both sides are now prepared and want only confrontation.

two crows said...

hey, SQ--
wouldn't be at all surprised.
that's probably why I've been getting all kinds of requests to phone, email etc. my reps, editorial pages, the tv networks, and so on.
which is part of the reason I've been less present on the blogs. keeping up with all the requests to give congress et al a piece of my mind, I'm surprised I've got any left.
no cracks, please. :)

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
one more group who could have been our allies [the Iranian PEOPLE, not the gov't] down the drain in Bush's rush to alienate the world.

he REALLY wants the US to be attacked before Nov, 2008. doesn't he?

two crows said...

thanx for the link, AAP--
I checked out the url.

I think it shows my paranoid mindset: about midway down the page of the full article was an ad that said, 'Chinese made easy.' it was an ad for a LANGUAGE LEARNING AID. when I first glanced at it, I thought it was a link to another news article and read, 'Chinese made uneasy'.

that about sums up where _I_ am, these days.
scary, huh?

Mary Ellen said...

Hi two crows!

I have no doubt we'll be in Iran, but worse, our soldiers in Iraq are going to be sitting ducks when the bombs begin to fly. Baghdad will be the first target and the green zone will be no more. If I were a reporter in Baghdad, I'd get my ass out of there soon!

Larry said...

Once Bush hits Iran, the Alpha of World War III takes place, and this country will never recover from the consequences.

But isn't that the neocon plan in a nutshell?

Snave said...

Wow, attack Iran so we'll HAVE to stay in Iraq for decades... what a great plan!

My guess is that if Petraeus' Iraq report is all rosy but Congress laughs at it and says "you must be joking", the attack on Iran will be underway. Or if Congress makes too-strong of moves to slow down Bush's Iraq plans, the attack on Iran will be underway. OR, the attack will be underway anyway, regardless. I think that last possiblity is most likely.

two crows said...

hi, M E --
yes, I fear attacking Iran is inevitable.

two crows said...

Larry --
I'll bet you're right. the plan is to do whatever it takes to keep those troops in Iraq -- and to hell with everyone and everything else.

two crows said...

agreed, Snave--
Congress can say, Pull out of Iraq, and Bush will bomb Iran.

Congress can back Bush's plan in Iraq and Bush will bomb Iran.

Congress can run in circles claiming the sky is falling -- which it is -- and Bush will bomb Iran.

Anyone who can compare Iraq to Vietnam and try to put a positive spin on it can do anything.

How many documentaries have we seen outlining Hitler's slide into delusion and dementia [brought about by being surrounded by yes men and by drug abuse]?
This saga might even end in a similar way: with Bush hiding in a bunker under the White House on inauguration night refusing to admit that a democrat has won the presidency.

I just pray that is the worst case scenario. I can think of so many even worse ends to this nightmare.

Snave said...

Of course there are the rumors (possibly unsubstantiated but nonetheless interesting) about the Bush family having bought land in northern Paraguay, (100,000 acres of it) in an area where there is lots of natural gas, and where there are some U.S. troops stationed, and in a country where U.S. military personnel have supposedly been granted immunity from being extradited to appear in international courts in recent years... So maybe the Emperor and his closest buddies will hop on a plane after Inauguration Day and retire on a hacienda in another country where they are protected by troops and can't be extradited to stand trial for war crimes. That might be HIS worst case scenario, having to leave the country and hide somewhere...

His "best case" scenario could actually be seeing our country attacked again so he can have some warped "justification" to crack down on us and stay president for the next decade or two. The guy definitely doesn't want to give up his power, anyway.

two crows said...

hi, Snave--
I've heard that too.
the only thing is -- it's a little too pat for me to believe. after all, where did the Nazi's run and hide after WWII? and, whatever he may actually BE, I doubt Bush actually perceives himself as a Nazi.

acourse, the Nazi's perceived themselves as human beings, too -- so it MIGHT be true.
if so, he'd better hand-pick those troops. the praetorian guard assassinated more than one caesar in ancient Rome.
and, yes, I agree that Bush's [or Cheney's, which amounts to the same thing] fondest wish would be to be attacked within the next year, declare martial law and suspend elections indefinitely.

actually, that may not be Bush's wish: he's never in his life held the same gig for 8 years. I'll bet he's getting tired of this and would like to move on. even if his numbers weren't in the basement, I'll bet that would be true.

but, if Cheney and Rove tell him to -- he'll stay.
after all, he never has any clue what to do till they tell him. after all, he just kept reading my pet goat and, another time, playing a guitar while people were dying horrible deaths.