September 2, 2007

I'm Ho-ome!

Didja miss me? :)
Once again, I was reminded of the joys of living in the lightning capitol of the country and the 2nd highest in the world.

Yesterday morning when I got up the modem was working. Then, suddenly, it wasn't. So, my ISP scheduled an emergency call and I just received my 3rd modem during the 6 months I've lived in Florida. At this rate, I should go through about 9 per year.

Why these outages affect only the modem and nothing else, I have no clue. [Note to the computer gods -- I'm not complaining about that! Being clueless is NOT the same as being upset or anything related to it -- I promise!]

Anyway-- I'm off now to answer any comments that may have come in while I was gone and check and see what online news I may have missed.
May you have a wonderful Sunday -- what's left of it. . . .


Mary Ellen said...

Yay! She's back!

Hope you have a surge protector for your computer! We had a hugh lightening strike across the street from us that actually went into the ground and ruptured the gas line. There were flames, six feet high shooting up from the ground, all the while it was pouring buckets of rain. My computer went out, but it was the ground fault that got tripped. The surge protector kept my whole computer from getting fried.

I heard a report on the news the other day that said with the global warming, we should expect more electrical storms and many will be more violent than in the past. Yikes!

Welcome back!

PoliShifter said...

Welcome Back!

an average patriot said...

Welcome back two crows! I hope you have a surge ptotector ot at least don't have to pay for those modems. Shut your darn computer off will ya!
Looks like Bush will be attacking Iran soon if you read things today. I will put everything together for tomorrow. Anuway you look at it Florida is as unsafe a place as the rest of the world thanks to little Bushie.

sumo said...

Welcome back missy! Lightening eh? That's a bummer. Next time you go away for a few days...unplug everything...better deal.

Larry said...

Glad you are back and didn't desert us.

two crows said...

Hey, m e--
oh, yeah. I have surge protectors [good 'uns] plugged into surge protectors. only started doing that since I moved to tampa.

ohmigod! sounds like you're lucky YOU didn't get fried!

and, yep, I've heard that about the global warming,too -- back when I lived in KC.
and then there's the ultimate irony-- it could tip us over into an ice age if we don't do something fairly soon.
so the gov't does something: it orders yet another study and holds on firmly to it's blinkers.

thanks, poli--
glad to be back among the living myself. :)

oh, yeah, AAC.
I've got lots and lots of surge protectors, 2ce, now, only the modem has died-- nothing else [knock wood]. mebbe it was just its time to go.
and, yeah, I rent the modems. I just have to sit
and wait for the tech to arrive and swap em out.

hey, sumo--
I didn't go anywhere. I just was sitting here and suddenly couldn't get online. looked at the modem and NO lights were on.
here in tampa, lightning can just lurk in the air. so, you get no warning. no storm or anything. and suddenly your system is fried.
that's why I've got surge protectors in double layers.
it's also why I bought an umbrella with a fiberglass handle after I got here. I'M not going to hold onto a metal umbrella during a storm!!!

two crows said...

hey, larry--
you snuck in while I was answering all the others.
good to see you.
no, I wouldn't desert---------