October 11, 2007


I just found a link to an online poll reporting station.
Right now, it's featuring the standing of all candidates in Arizona and Nevada but you can click on the R or D next to your state to see how all the candidates are faring where you are.

I plan to use this site as my PIbC [pre-implosion by Clinton] baseline and watch to see if her stupid, moronic, self-destructive, crash-and-burn march to war has the predicted effect.
fwiw-- she started at 51% opposing Giuliani at 31%.
So, let's see-- how low can she go?

btw-- I'm a bit miffed at her. Does it show?
I'll keep you posted or you can see it for yourself here.


Mary Ellen said...


Ok...I know a little about what's going on in NH because my daughter lives there and Nevada because I have a couple of brothers and a bunch of cousins living there.

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama among men 28% to 21% and she leads Obama among women 32% to 26%. In New Hampshire, Clinton leads Obama among men 35% to 19% and she leads Obama among women 45% to 24%. In South Carolina, Clinton leads Obama 39% to 34% among men and she leads Obama 43% to 27% among women

I was a little surprised at Clinton taking such a strong lead in New Hampshire. It always seemed to me that Edwards was a better fit for that libertarian crowd. The only thing I could think of was, although Hillary is not a true "Easterner" from NY, she is a NY Senator. In NH, they're really funny about "outsiders". They think anyone from outside the eastern coast lives in a prairie. Maybe they've accepted her as " one of them". I KNOW they don't care for Obama, they've made that pretty clear from the get-go.

Now, Nevada....honestly, that is such a strange State. Part of me is not surprised over the love of Hillary Clinton, even though they tend to be a Red State. Nevada likes glitz, and Bill Clinton always had that. His little affair with Monica meant nothing to them, after all, prostitution is legal in Nevada. A little cheating on a land deal....pffftttt, small potatoes. They like big business and they like Hillary, it's all rolled into one. She's a high roller and they like that. Not to mention, the Republicans and Bush screwed them over big time when it came to dumping nuclear waste Nevada. Before the election, Bush said he would never do it...lie.

My brother is nuts over Hillary and said that if she's nominated, the Dems have Nevada in the bag.

pekka said...

ME provided excellent information for an ignoramus such as yours truly! I particularly liked the Nevada part, of which I previously had no idea about. Interesting! :-D

two crows said...

hey, M E--
yeah, I get a bit put-out by the inbred new englanders who seem to view the rest of us as being from the dark side of the moon.

I took special umbrage at it when I lived in KC which is a lovely city if you ignore the climate and its abysmal education system-- but everyone else still perceives as a cow-town on the prairie [it's actually very hilly and has a large fine-arts district--so there!]
it's also VERY mixed re it's politics-- less homogenized than florida from what I can tell so far.
ok -- putting the soap-box away now.
as to the issue at hand-- you, know the little matter of the election -- Clinton seems to be doing better among those who declare themselves as independents [as I do, ftm tho not because I'm more centrist but because I'm more liberal than I think most dems are] than anyone else -- which I guess accounts for her successes.
she's picking up the middle-of-the roaders and the defecting republicans more than anyone else, too, it looks like.

two crows said...

btw-- before her unforgivable gaffe this week, my reason for voting for Clinton wasn't because I agreed with all or even most of her policies.

it was basically a tactical decision-- I saw her as a John-the-Baptist president --preparing the way for Edwards or Obama or someone like them.

too bad she put her foot in it.

two crows said...

hey, Pekka--
yeah, that was informative for me, too.

NV, in particular, is such a strange duck -- probably pretty unknown to almost everyone in this country, as well.

phil_in_ny said...

Two Crows, this is great. I'm not to aware of how they vote out west, so its a great way to see what people are feeling.

an average patriot said...

She will implode. I caught a program about Gore. She was asked about him running and his chances if he ran. She said she wished him luck on the peace prize or whatever it is he is up for. She avoided the question.
If he does run because he knows how bad we and the world need him to clean up after Bush and we do have an election in 2008 he will be our next President. He is our only real hope as far as I'm concerned.

two crows said...

Oh! from your mouth to god's ear may he please please please please please please run!!!

I've written him and sent ms's on petitions and begged and pleaded. I hope he runs!!!

but, if he gonna, he needs to get a move on--

two crows said...

thanx, Phil--
yep. that's a pretty cool site. I plan to keep an eye on it throughout the season.

there's another site pretty far down on my sidebar you might want to check out. [at the bottom of the the pics listed as 'Voters' Map and Post Election News'

Mary Ellen said...

two crows-

I've been to Kansas City a few times and found it to be a great place. My daughter went to and graduated from University of Missouri (Mizzou), so we've had multiple trips out there. She's the one living in New Hampshire now and thinks the politics there is hilarious. When she interviews anyone , the first thing they ask, "Where are you from???" She said it took awhile before some of them trusted her to "get the story right". When talking to a co-worker and told him where she was from (chicago), they asked if she lived on a farm! She just cracked up...you know, all those farms between the Sears Tower and the Hancock Building....

two crows said...

hey, ME--
did your daughter attend school at Columbia? or UMKC or UMSL?
I did everything at UMKC cuz it was so convenient [I lived in a student ghetto not far from campus. a great place to live -- it had a small town atmosphere even tho it was in the heart of the city. we all knew each others' business and were in and out of each other's back doors all day long.]
and that farm in downtown Chicago that your daughter lived on-- was it a dairy farm? :)