October 14, 2007

Miracles DO Happen! :)

I bought cookware!
When I heard about the Macy's promo, 'Shop for a Cause', I had been planning to buy some cookware anyhow [WHAT?!? ME?!? 8-O ] --
So I made 2 donations of $5.00 each to the Women's Heart Association [Why they didn't go for breast cancer, seeing as how this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I don't know but -- oh, well] and saved over $31.00 at checkout. and I did it all online! SO cool!

And I bought:
a cookware set that includes:
a 6 qt. stockpot
a 2 qt. saucepan
8" and 10" saute pans
2 detachable handles
2 lids
a canvas bag that stores all this stuff in one stack [given the amount of space in my cabinets that's a Good Thing.]
$59.97 [ On sale before the 20% off 'Shop for a Cause' promo -- original price $100 ]

[I was flabbergasted at the prices -- there were 6 to 8-piece sets that cost $600 and up on the list and one 14 piece set that went for $1,899.99! Do people actually BUY those???
_I_ wouldn't pay $1 to go look at those at the Museum of Amazing Artifacts!]
I paid $47.99 :)

A cutlery set that includes 5 knives, a pair of scissors and a block
original price $100
also on sale for $59.97
and I paid $47.99

2 oven mitts -- $10 each [ I paid $7.99 each]
1 hot pot pad -- $8 [I paid $6.39]
A set of kitchen towels -- $10 [I paid 7.99]
And a partridge in a pear tree

Add taxes and shipping: $161.12
And that includes the warm-fuzzy for the donations.

Now, the question for the universe remains-------
Will I ever, you know, actually COOK with this stuff?
Will keep you posted. :)


phil_in_ny said...

Ahhh, good Two Crows. I also bought some cookware at Macys. Anything to help.

two crows said...

Great, Phil!
this is a win/win if there ever was one.
a good cause gets a boost.
Macy's gets a boost.
you and I both got stuff we would've paid lots more for elsewhere.

and, bank on it, Dillards, Target, Jones Store, Saks et al are watching Macy's bottom line carefully to see if it works for them.
the way to get a corporation to grow a conscience in a hurry is to show them their profits will do well when they do good. :)

Larry said...

"It is a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it".

Somerset Maugham

two crows said...

hey, Larry--
would that this were true.
I've been refusing to accept Bush since long before SCOTUS picked him.

that and $6.50 might get me a cup of coffee. . . . :(