November 14, 2007

Another Sure-Fire Veto

Veterans Week 2007: We Sent Them to War, Why Can't We Send Them to College? -- by Paul Riekhoff
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Of course, Bush will do whatever he can to veto any moneys to help the troops once they get home.
As he does with children [supporting them while they're in the womb and abandoning them once they're out], he'll use the troops as photo-op props and a method to get elected -- after that, they're on their own.


Larry said...

Bush doesn't want anyone educated, he fears they may figure out his plan for Martial Law.

Which doesn't take an education to see that.

TomCat said...

According to Bush and the GOP, Veterans have one sure benefit only. They get a free coffin, bit they have to go back to Iraq to get it.