November 14, 2007

An Anti-Science Eye-Opener

Now, this frightens me.
Last night, PBS aired the program on NOVA, Judgement Day -- Intelligent Design on Trial.
Beginning November 16, the entire show will be available online here.

The town of Dover, Pennsylvania was torn apart by the intrusion of religion into the classroom by the attempt to force the presentation of Creationism -- **ahem**-- 'Intelligent Design' in the 9th grade science classroom.

Witnesses received hate mail during the trial.

The judge [a Bush appointee (was he later fired by Gonzales? I wonder)] received death threats after finding that a majority of the members of the school board had attempted to circumvent the First Amendment of the Constitution in order to force their religious beliefs to be taught in the public school. He and his family [including his young children] were placed under protective surveillance for fear of what the Christians of the community might do to them.

It was also proved that a number of Board Members committed perjury during the trial.

Pat Robertson publicly wished a natural calamity of some sort upon the town of Dover. I wonder if he prayed that one might happen?

During the NOVA presentation The Wedge Strategy which bewails the removal of God from our culture was outlined. I noticed that the people who claim that our society is falling apart as a result of the removal of God from our culture are backed by the very people who sent those hate mails, who made the death threats and who [in the person of Pat Robertson] wished a natural disaster upon the town.
A 'Wedge Strategy' indeed.

Funny, I don't see the 'Godless Liberals' engaging in such tactics.

In the final moments of the program, the founder of The Wedge Strategy admitted defeat THIS time and vowed to continue the battle to roll the clock back to medieval times.
God help us.


Tom Harper said...

Those sickos never give up. But I think their power is diminishing, for now. They've been a powerful force since the early 1900s; their influence waxes and wanes. It's time for them to start waning. But we can never turn our backs on them.

two crows said...

hi tom and welcome--
yes, the media have recently been saying things like, the conservatives are 'in disarray' and 'confused'. that's mainly been put down to the fact that they can't all unite behind any single candidate this time around. Romney is too Mormon, Giulliani is too secular. McCain is too hawkish,
while I'm glad to see that happening right now, I fear the next time they find someone to unite
all that needs to happen is for someone to say the words, 'born again' and 'pro-life' and we'll be off
to the races, again.
now that they've had a taste of power, I fear they'll find another bunch of candidates to field in the near future.

Mary Ellen said...

I think their power is really beginning to diminish, but like you said, once they've had the taste of it, they aren't going to let go that easily.

I was amazed when I watched some lady from the right to life group that is supporting dead head Fred Thompson said that they are backing him because he wants to overturn Roe v Wade. However, Fred made it very clear, he thought abortion should be a states rights thing. Even after they played the clip of Thompson saying that, she stood firm and said he didn't say it. Those people are just nuts.

It's hard for me, being a Christian, watching the religious right talk with such hatred and say they do it "in the name of God". The only thing they care about is power to control this country and everyone in it.

Excellent post, two crows!

two crows said...

hi, ME--
honey, don't you go equating yourself with those folks. they're what I call CINO's -- Christians In Name Only.
Obviously, they haven't a clue what Joshua actually taught-- they, like Bush, use him to further their own power agendas -- period.