November 29, 2007

To Exploit the Moon

I watched a documentary on the Science channel, recently. And the reason why Bush is bent on reinstating NASA’s planetary exploration program became clear.

First, some background. There’s a man out west who got the bright idea of selling plots on the moon. Never mind that he doesn’t own the real estate he’s selling. When he started, it was just a lark. At $36.00 per plot, he has, so far, sold $9,000,000+ worth of property up there—and no one has stopped him. In fact three presidents, Carter, Reagan and G.W. Bush, have bought moon plots, so far—along with a lot of other people.

Now, fast forward to today.
Nuclear fission has been, so far, the only practical way to create nuclear energy for powering our civilization. Nuclear fusion on a large scale simply isn’t possible—if you are bound to the earth. But, it turns out, the sun continuously churns out helium three [he3]. The particles are blocked by the atmosphere from reaching the earth. But, they’ve been building up on the moon for millennia. So, now, several countries [including the US and Russia] are waking up to the riches that can be gleaned by strip mining the moon.
Enter the idea of colonizing the moon. Whoever can get there first and lay claim to it can make $billions or trillions by exploiting the he3. They're going so far as to call the moon the Middle East of the twenty-first century. Now, that's a chilling thought.

Here we go again. When the possibilities involving oil began to be realized, no doubt the numbers were bandied about much as people are doing now. ‘There are billions of tons of oil under the ground. All we have to do is drill for it. It’s all around us!’ How fast have we run through that oil? And, how many wars have occurred, and how many people have died, because of it? Obviously, people are willing to pay any amount—so long as their gas-guzzlers are kept running.

Now, a scientist has discovered how to squeeze water out of moon dust. It takes enormous amounts of energy—but it can be done. So, the main ingredient for terra-forming the moon is available on site. And all that he3 is just sitting there waiting for the greediest to seize it.

The race is on.


LET'S TALK said...

Hi two crows, now I understand why China has started its own drive toward the moon and have even came up with the perfect weapon to destroy anything in space.

Oh this plot thickens with fear and greed. Much worse than the US and Russia with the first rocket to the moon or space in the early 60's.

two crows said...

yep, LT--
'the middle east of the 21st century', indeed.

this development is especially sad when it becomes clear that we have the resources we need to sustain our 'civilization' right here on earth.
I've been watching a show called Invention Nation on the Science Channel that makes that clear.
but, rather than use sustainable fuels, gov'ts and corporations will spend $trillions to go after non-sustainable ones.

phil_in_ny said...

I can see that two crows. But then again, I can see any GOP shmuck trying to raise money for a mine on the moon. Hell, Romney's probably got the papers all drawn up, and ready to go.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh my gosh...when will the greed end? I swear, there are times I regret bringing kids into this miserable greedy world.

I'd love to give Bush a free trip to the moon, starting with my foot kicking his ass. Hell, I'll give him a group rate, Cheney can fly for free.

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
Yes China is headed there too but if we have the space war I see coming nobody will be going anywhere,
let's talk I can't get the link without losing this but I take it you've heard about the assassins mace. If not google it. It is not good! remember with the satellites destroyed Carriers Fighters, comand center, 100% everything is dead in the water.

an average patriot said...

Here it is assassins mace part II

two crows said...

hey, Phil and ME--
I'd love to send Bush, Cheney, Mitt, Giuliani, etc. etc. etc. one-way to the moon -- with just as good equipment as our gov't has sent to Iraq with our soldiers.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
yep, if that prediction that the moon will be the Middle East of the 21st century comes about, there's no telling how many space wars we'll be facing.

the upside [assuming there is one at all] is that, at least children and other civilians won't be out there acting as collateral damage.
now, all we have to do is convince the troops not to sign up.
if they're so all-fired eager, let the politicians go out there and fight the space wars themselves.

two crows said...

'with the satellites destroyed Carriers Fighters, comand center, 100% everything is dead in the water.'

that could actually be a Good Thing, no?
if the trade-off was: no command centers, no carriers, no battle ships, I'd even be willing to do without the internet.

two crows said...

hey phil--
sorry I missed your comment earlier--
yup. all this makes me think about buying one or more of those moon-plots the program talked about.

of course, the corporations will try to make them illegal when they're snatching up mining rights. but, if 3 presidents along with other celebrities have em, I'm sure there'll be some sort of class action suit and maybe those who own plots will be able to have SOME say over how the moon gets mined.