November 27, 2007

And for your reading -- ummmm -- 'pleasure' isn't exactly the word I'm looking for here:
Once again, I'm pushing Margaret Atwood's novel, The Handmaid's Tale. A possibly prophetic portrait of the United States.
Visit the link for an excerpt.


LET'S TALK said...

There is three floors in my home and I recall when my Mother first heard the old fashion grandfather clock ring late in the night. She is on the floor with the clock, even though it can be heard all over the house at night.

Well anyway, the phrase in the story that time, was measured by bells brought me to the problems we went through with our clock until everyone finally got use to it.

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for this suggestion, two crows. My husband and I decided this year not to buy each other expensive gifts, as we are trying to cut back on our expenses. I think I'll just ask for some books this year. You and FranIAM have suggested some great ones.

Oh...and speaking of books. A while back you suggested a book that would make me sleep with the lights on. I forgot to write down the title of the book and want to add that to my list. Do you happen to remember what it was?

two crows said...

hey, LT--
yup, there's nothing like bells [clocks, church bells, etc.] to get everyone marching in lockstep with one another.
this story will send chills up your spine.

hi, ME--
this book should fill the bill -- it was in paperback back in the 90's when I discovered it.

and, this is the book I told you about back then. be sure and start it when your electric bill is caught up and you can afford to pay a hefty one the next month.
it is an absolutely terrifying read.

Atwood was a prophet, no doubt about it. she looked south and saw the direction the US was going back in the 80's or early 90's. and, boy-oh-boy, was she right! :(

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks two crows, I wrote it down and it's on my Christmas list. My husband and I agreed not to spend much money on each other this year, and this will be perfect!

two crows said...

hi, ME --
I would say, 'enjoy it' -- but I doubt you will, actually. it hits too damn close to home for that.