December 27, 2007


Mary Ellen said...

Hi two crows- Great cartoon and very likely scenario, too.

Are you making sure the weather is good in Florida for the next week? My son is leaving for Tampa this evening with his high school band to play in the half time show for the Outback bowl. If you happen to catch the half time show on t.v., my son will be easy to spot, he'll be the best looking guy on the field. ;-)

two crows said...

yep. all taken care of, Mary Ellen! I put in the call to the weather-creation board yesterday morning.

you can tell how powerful the board is: all the city names and most of the street names down here make sure people understand the fact that Florida invented good weather. :)
I'll keep an eye out for that 'handsomest guy' too.

an average patriot said...

That's funny but it is sadly true. When Rove was let loose to do damage to Dems in 08 I figured he would just give his dirty advice from wherever he was practicing his underhanded Politics.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
oh, yeah, OF COURSE Rove will be up to his dirty tricks wherever the hell he's hiding out.