January 19, 2008

Florida's Attempt to Double-Count the Votes Backfired!

Conservative efforts to amend the Florida constitution with an anti-gay marriage law stalled this week. The amendment's backers have fallen 22,000 signatures short of the 611,000 necessary to place it on the ballot this coming November.
Supporters now have only until Feb. 1 to collect additional signatures. With such a tight deadline, the proposal seems near impossible for 2008, the Miami Herald reported today. The proposal would need 60% of the vote to become law.

Florida4marriage.org, the conservative PAC pushing the initiative, hoped the proposed amendment would lure conservative-leaning voters to the polls during the general election.

Computer glitches are being blamed for the signature shortfall. State officials and election officials in the Miami area are both blaming each other for the glitch which apparently was "over-counting" or counting each vote twice.
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Hoist by their own petard! First, these folks push for handing the voting process over to untested technology. Then, that same technology turns around and bites em on the ass. My assessment? It couldn't have happened to more deserving people. :)

The nasty fact is: the far right wants to use a segment of the population who just want to be let alone to live their own lives to galvanize those folks who won't let the rest of us have our own lives and manipulate the meddlers to get to the polls so they'll vote in a presidential race. HUH?

If this is any way to run a democratic republic, can someone please explain to me how it helps our country?


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Too funny Two Crows.. that it bit them in the butt! hehe

FranIAm said...

Great post! Oh Florida.

Will someone just please out Charlie Crist?

two crows said...

hi SQ--
my fear, tho, is that this technology may bite ALL of us soon enough.

hi Fran--
that'll be the day.
meanwhile, I'm not looking foward to my first vote in florida--after what happened in 2000.

Mary Ellen said...

There's nothing like a little karma,eh?

I'm so tired of the gays being treated like second class citizens in this country. Every time I see the Republicans wrapping themselves in the flag and crying out "the land of the free and home of the brave" I want to throw up. Gays are not free and how brave is it to kick around a group of people who happen to have a different sexual orientation than they do?


two crows said...

hi Mary Ellen--
I just get so sick when I see gays being denied the rights the rest of us take for granted.
and then to see them being trotted out this way to galvanize the far right wingnuts so they'll get out and vote for Huckabee-- excuse me while I go vomit.