January 21, 2008

Tonight, I received a disturbing email. It came from a liberal media source and it proposed having us vote in a pre-Feb 5 straw poll-- in essence telling the organization how we plan to vote in the primaries.
To my mind, this is going too far. I wrote them an email of my own explaining why I choose not to participate in their hype-the-vote process. My message to the organization follows:
I'm sorry, there is much I agree with that your organization is doing but this isn't one.
I believe the media, the churches, polls, etc. etc. etc. are getting too much involved in how we are voting, these days.

While I don't want to see a muzzle put on the press by those outside it [or else, what is a free press for?] I wish it would curb its own excesses. I believe predicting who will win the election before the primaries are even well under way is not the best way to handle a democratic republic.

While I do believe educating people about the stands candidates are taking on important issues is a good and proper place for the media, I don't think making a circus of the voting process helps the country. Granted, creating a circus IS easier to do than thoughtfully educating the public is. It's probably sexier, as well. But, which one actually helps the country vote the best candidate into office?

Thank you for taking the time to read this ms and I hope you will take it to heart in deciding future undertakings.
I think it is 1] in our own and the country's best interests to tell the media and other institutions [like churches, for instance] that they are overstepping some serious boundaries these days. 2] up to us to do so and 3] important to refuse to participate in the circus the media and others are building one big-top at a time. Otherwise, the process will continue spiraling out of control.

I, for one, don't wish to live in a country in which people have been told in advance who's going to win in November. That will skew the vote as those who believe their chosen candidate doesn't stand a chance will simply stay home. To my way of thinking, a vote should remain the property of the voter right up to the moment it is cast -- not be used by a 3rd party as a leverage or propaganda tool beforehand -- no matter who that vote might be cast for.
Just sayin.


dguzman said...

A very good point about polls. And there are so many now--remember when it was just Gallup? It's just ridiculous now.

two crows said...

hi dguzman--
and it seems to me [tho I may be wrong] that gallup is still the most trustworthy. I don't trust a lot of em not to have their own axes to grind.