January 22, 2008

Nancy, Pay Attention!

Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist sent this out today.
Please take a listen and pass it on if you've a mind to. Thanx.


an average patriot said...

two crows!
That is great isn't it? He is something! You are going to have to tell me sometime how you get those youtube videos in your Blog!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
embedding youtubes is easy:
find the video you want and look for a code [usually to the right of the vid screen]. it will be labeled, 'embedding code' or something along those lines.
highlight and copy the code. then open your editor and paste the code on the 'edit HTML' tab. add any text you might want to include.
voila! a video on your blog.

if you want to put it on your sidebar, just post it in your layout editor in the usual way -- in the 'java script' editor.

if you still have questions, just ask and I'll unveil my email address in my profile and we can discuss it in more depth.

an average patriot said...

Thank you two crows!
I will experiment with that when I have a moment. I'll be busy for a while and have to run out but I will get to it. You have been a great help and I thank you. I know so little about all this stuff.