January 16, 2008

I imagine you've heard, by now, of Congressman Wexler's courageous stand to push for impeachment of Cheney. Given the wimp-out factor among the rest of the Democratic Party, I fear the fall-out could be tremendous.
So, I'm doing what I can to be sure his coffers don't run dry during his run this fall. Since he's up for reelection every TWO years, he's risking more than a senator would who might have several years for the furor to die down.
So, if you're interested, please go here, click on the 'donate' tab and give whatever you can to promote his cause.


Anonymous said...

Video of Wexler’s Call for Impeaching Cheney


also found at


scroll down half a page and you will see the video window.

jmsjoin said...

Thanks for your efforts with this two crows! I get regular updates and requests from him so I am up to snuff. Impeachment won't happen but we will not stop trying!

two crows said...

thanx for the links, anonymous--
I'll check those out.

hi AAP--
yeah, at this point I'd settle for indictments and convictions -- tho I'm afraid they'd come too late. acourse, since those won't happen either, I'm just whistling in the wind -- and that can be dangerous, they say.

Snave said...

Good for Wexler! I hope this can go somewhere during the next year... It just seems like such an obviously necessary thing to do, yet so many in Congress seem afraid to even mention it. The Dickster must have photos of nearly all of them doing it with farm animals or something. What is it that the administration is holding over all their heads?

two crows said...

hi snave--
yeah, I've wondered the same thing. I have mind-pics of Cheney holed up in his secret office compiling files of black-mailable offenses against everyone in Congress in order to keep them in line.

or [even more sinister] everyone in Congress has a dirty little secret: they all envision themselves as president some day -- so they secretly WANT Cheney's plan of creating a monarchy to come to pass so THEY can be Queen Hilary or King Barack, etc.