March 19, 2008

The Blog Swarm:
A hybrid post on the Iraq War and the US economy
Once again -- much invective, many differing opinions. Let's peer through the fog and see if we can detect some truth or other here:


Mary Ellen said...

Man, I've been trying to keep up with all the blogswarms, it's taking me forever to get through all of them! That's a good thing! My mom said they mentioned it on the news this morning, I think it was CNN.

This is three days or more without a political post on my blog. I'm meeeelllllttttiiiiiinnng! :-D

an average patriot said...

Hi mary ellen
it has been interesting. I have been trying to keep up with them too. I just saw how many there are. Wow!
Two crows
Glad to see you partaking. Before I go to the video
It is a sad day!
It was obvious from inception that everything was a lie and attacking Iraq was a forgone conclusion.
Breaking America and attacking Iran were only two of the original goals and they will both happen. This like it or not is just beginning and will have to be fought period now.
Advocates of this still just developing nightmare say it doesn’t matter if the attack was a mistake at this point. I beg to differ it does.
McCain wants to compound his original mistake. Staying there will do nothing but ensure we are there when an excuse to attack Iran is found.
Polishifter just pointed out that McCain said in Israel that he wants Jerusalem to be Israel’s Capital.
I told you they do not want peace only their way. Divide and Conquer once again. The entire world has to be embroiled and they will be before Bush can fight his new world order forever war and their will be no avoiding it.
One of my sons is over there flying support for about 5 more weeks and the one in EOD arrives any day.
I can only say and ask, what a future and what is their future and ours for that matter?
I have been hearing Bush, McCain, and Cheney bragging all day how great things are there while we hear the truth and that idiot Cheney is fishing in the gulf somewhere. I just caught his interview when told most Americans were against the war he friggen snickered and said so! AAARRRGGGHHH! It is a sad sad day!

Catmoves said...

The math on the footer of this video is another sign that we need to keep our kids in school longer.
Ole Bushy thought he'd be hero and wipe out Iran quicker than the Saudi War was concluded. Which should tell us something about his thought processes.
C'mon back to blogging about politics. Another voice cannot be wrong.
Besides, I don't know many liberals to argue with.
As for the cat pix, don't stop. I love 'em. >)^..~(<

Catmoves said...

Iran? Freudian slip. I guess. Sorry

LET'S TALK said...

Great video that seems to go left and right. You had Phyllis Bennis talking about the war and how the affects will carry over to other generations.

She said this war is being financed by credit/ cards and Jack Burkmun has stated the opposite.

That is what we have come to expect and must stop this, by getting all and any thinkers like this out of office even if we must hold our nose to do so.

We cannot talk a talk yet still let the Republicans run this country.

two crows said...

congrats on keeping your resolution, Mary Ellen. can I have your ruby slippers when you're done with em?
I only broke down here because I'd already signed up before making my
anti-politics resolution.
and, technically I didn't break it too much since I've not mentioned the dem candidates at all.
other than the swarm I've concentrated on McCain -- imnsho, the one person we have to stay focused on.

at least that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
'Two crows
Glad to see you partaking.'
see above for my excuse. :)

'Breaking America and attacking Iran were only two of the original goals'
yep. 'Missions accomplished, I guess.

oh yeah, and enriching themselves and their cronies.

two crows said...

hi catmoves and welcome to PP&D--
'C'mon back to blogging about politics.'

not on your life, Buckaroo!!! I was becoming nauseated regularly. my blood pressure was sky rocketing and I was depressed all the time.'

'Another voice cannot be wrong.'

oh, I dunno about that! I can toss out the hare-brained ideas with the best of em.
maybe, after I've recovered somewhat, I'll return to posting some stuff about the environment. but I think I'll steer clear of the state of the dem party. it's just too sickening to contemplate.

'Besides, I don't know many liberals to argue with.'
What would you like to argue about? I'll bet we can still find somethng to get the spittle flyin if we hunt hard enough! :)

'As for the cat pix, don't stop. I love 'em.'

will do --
come back tomorrow for the next installment! I've got several more -- tho I haven't chosen the next set yet.

two crows said...

hey again, catmoves--
Freudian stip it may have been --
those're usually accurate, tho, aren't they?

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
'Great video that seems to go left and right. '
that's why I like the Brits' news--
THEY'LL tell it like it is -- unlike almost all of the Uh-merkin versions.