March 19, 2008

Not Sucking Up?
According to Washington Post's Dana Milbank and Lawrence Eagleburger, a former Sec'y of State and an advisor to McCain, who spoke at a meeting of Jewish leaders to reassure them, McCain won't suck up to the far-right- wingnuts.
Of the 3 issues Eagleburger mentioned -- abortion, immigration and stem-cell research, McCain is already committed to 2 of them: abortion and immigration. Eagleburger stated that McCain is in favor of 'some' stem-cell research.
Seems to me they don't have too much to worry about already. They've got him in their pocket on 2 major issues and -- and how much is 'some' research?
As to the abortion issue -- where does McCain get off having any opinion at all? How could it affect his life in the least [other than his electibility, that is. . . .]?
I noted one interesting fact: throughout the vid, Eagleburger is wringing his hands. He clearly looks uncomfortable up there decrying Limburger-and-Co -- even mildly.
[And we already know where McCain stands on another issue near and dear to the far-right's heart (such as it is) -- that of torturing people who aren't just like them.]
See here for the article and video.


Mary Ellen said...

The one we have to watch is who will McCain get to run as his VP? Whoever it is, has to be young cuz he doesn't have that many years left in him. I've heard it might be Romney...the guy who wants to build even more Gitmo's. Ugh.

I watched McCain's interview with Sean Hannity (if you think watching that wasn't a Lenten sacrifice, think again!). McCain was flip-flopping his little heart out and Hannity was doing everything he could to try to "help" him answer in a way that will please the base. It was not only painful for me to watch, it looked like it was killing Hannity! That was fun to see!

two crows said...

hi, Mary Ellen--
this act alone should absolve you of having to observe Lent for the next 3 years at a minimum.

oh. my. god.
not only would he build more Gitmo's -- he wants to make the wall between the US and Mexico even longer.
and I'm certainly not laboring under any illusion that it's only to keep the Mexicans OUT either. . . .