March 17, 2008

Why I'm Wimping Out
As I'm sure you've noted by now, I have become so disenchanted with things as they stand in the blogging community, I've bowed out of the fray.
Mary Ellen of the Divine Democrat is, fortunately, made of sterner stuff. Please see her blog for The State of the Progressive Party at the moment. Her post [March 15, 2008] sums up the situation quite thoroughly.

As I commented on her site: "I expect this sort of behavior from the far right wingnuts.
When the 'progressives' began indulging in it I was amazed. No more, though.

THIS is why I've started posting cat pics on my blog. . . .

If the 'progressives' don't see the writing on the wall and continue to be as vicious as they are being now, they will deserve everything they get when President McCain appoints another SCOTUS judge, Roe v Wade is overturned and torture by our gov't continues to be condoned after the election" which will be a Republican landslide.

Please note the quotes below:
"Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be a spirit of tolerance in the entire population."
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

"Nothing short of an aroused public can change things, nothing less than democracy is at stake. -- Bill Moyers

We ignore these truths at our peril.


Mary Ellen said...

It's only going to get worse, two crows. I just saw in the Chicago Tribune this morning that Obama is going to go out on an all out "assault" on Hillary, nailing her for personal ethics. Nice. We need to get even more vicious, that will bring voters in! Ridiculous. I guess Axelrod said that he's going to drudge up all the old scandals from Bill Clinton's administration, because he feels that Hillary hasn't been properly "vetted". I guess those millions of dollars that Ken Starr wasted and found nothing wasn't good enough for Obama. Obama doesn't have to prove anything, though, he just has to say enough to make people think there is a scandal, especially the younger voters who were too young to follow all this stuff when Bill was President. My son said a kid at school told him that Hillary was in jail because she refused to give Ken Starr information on Whitewater. These are kids who are going to vote in the 2008 election! They won't bother looking up the facts, they'll just take Obama on is word because he's the guy who's going to bring change! Mr. Unity!

Obama is accusing Hillary of not bringing forth her tax returns, although she already said she would have them out around April 15th (the deadline for tax returns). If she was hiding something, I would think she would wait until after the PA primary (April 22nd). Although, I wouldn't blame her if she waits, since it's obvious that Obama and Axelrod is going to look for any little i or t that hasn't been dotted or crossed and call her a criminal.

I've already seen posts today from Obama supporters who are echoing the new "assault" talking points. I guess they got the memo.

PoliShifter said...

So basically Obama supporters need to just shut up and let the Hillary supporters continue their ways.

I get it...

This will end some day...maybe by about the convention.

an average patriot said...

After seeing McCain and Cheney in Baghdad and listening to them I posted on President McCain. It is a given while the Dem children bicker. oh man! You have the right idea, relax and just roll with the punches.

two crows said...

I know Mary Ellen -- though I imagine there's enough blame to go around in both camps.
then, add what's going on in the MSM, on the blogs, in every tavern, church, koffee klatch and, I imagine, kitchen in the nation and I'm just sick to death at what is happening to this country.

I'm especially saddened to see you say you refuse to vote for the Dem candidate -- whoever it may turn out to be when I know YOU know the consequences of that refusal.

President-Elect McCain must be sleeping well.

two crows said...

et tu, Poli?
please go back and read my post --- I said no such thing.
what I did was to second what Mary Ellen said in her well-reasoned post on her blog about the nasty in-fighting that is going on in the dem party when we NEED to be focusing on McCain -- NOT creating a side-show of our own.

I am on record in the comments sections of numerous blogs saying that I wish one of the current dem candidates would put the good of the COUNTRY ahead of their personal ambitions and step aside gracefully -- as Edwards did -- BEFORE the dem party tore itself to shreds. and I don't give a good goddam WHICH one steps aside. their policies as they've outlined em are virtually interchangeable and I can live with either set.
I cannot say the same for McCain's.

it may already be too late to unify the party behind the final dem candidate. if that is true, it's time to start getting used to saying 'President McCain' and resign ourselves to 100 years of war, the continuation of torture as a policy in this country and the overturn Roe v Wade and of whatever may be left of any progressive values in this country.

and, oh yeah, clicking our heels together and chanting 'Sieg Heil' may not be amiss, either.

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
while I've pulled back from the fray, unfortunately, I've NOT found myself able to relax about it. I wish I could.

I did spend the day battening down the hatches -- doing whatever I could to protect myself from what I believe is going to be a very wild ride politically, economically and every other way imaginable.
I truly believe this country is going to go down the drain and there's nothing I can do to stop it.
I fervently wish there were.

If I thought for a moment that blogging, marching, protesting, signing petitions or taking them door-to-door etc. etc. [all of which I've done in the past] would do any good in the current climate, I would do it. but I think all those actions would be the equivalent of banging my head against a brick wall -- and would simply result in a bloody wound and nothing good to show for it.

I've seen far too many people saying, 'If MY candidate doesn't win the nomination, I'm staying home or voting for a 3rd party or writing in, "Snoopy the Dog" etc. etc. etc.'

given that situation, the only thing I can see to do is to post cat pics and practice the nazi salute.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi two crows, I had no dog in this fight and whoever gets the nomination from the Democratic party will get my vote.

What I see is a very spoiled like Hillary Clinton who will do anything to become President. That includes destroying the party as well.

She cannot get enough delegates to win this election and will fall short, behind Obama.

She and her supporters should step aside for the sake of the party and let the fight that she has made more difficult for Obama to win against McCain began.

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
yours is one of the few reasoned voices I've heard recently.

I do wish people would stop saying, 'If I don't get my way [or if my candidate doesn't get the nomination] I'm gonna take my marbles and go home.'

WAY too many people began spouting that rhetoric as early as last summer -- and it has just gotten worse.

if people follow that line to its logical conclusion, McCain will sew up the nation's shroud with us inside it.
so, in self-defense, I've taken to blogging cat pics and next week will bring out a line of pics from Hubble.

they are quite lovely, fwiw -- and would fit right in on your 'Let's Talk God' blog.

LET'S TALK said...

two crows, like you I've grown tired of this and enough is enough. If there is anything that you would like to post at Let's Talk God feel free to send it to me, and I will post it, Thanks!

an average patriot said...

I won't add to your angst. You have it. Just relax and be prepared. What stinks is the Dem Party seems to be self destructing and at the worst possible time for us and the world.
You just relax and take care. Did you by any chance watch weaseldog's videos.? He's pretty lucky!

Mary Ellen said...

Let's Talk-
She and her supporters should step aside for the sake of the party and let the fight that she has made more difficult for Obama to win against McCain began.

That's pretty arrogant, Let's Talk, telling Clinton's supporters to "step aside". If you haven't noticed, there are still a lot of states with voters who would like to have a say in this and haven't had a chance to vote. But hey...if you think they should "step aside", who are they to argue? And you wonder why Clinton supporters don't want to back Obama...maybe it's comments like you just made that makes Clinton supporters say they won't vote for him. Hell, since you guys think that yours is the only voice that counts, let yours be the only votes for him, too.

And you say that Clinton thinks this election is "owed" to her? I think it's the OBama supporters who think it's "owed" to him. Step aside, my ass!

PoliShifter said...

"et tu, Poli?
please go back and read my post --- I said no such thing."

Sorry Two Crows, my comment was directed toward you or your post...

But I will say it seems it is ok for the Hillary supporters to go on and on and be insolent but the Obama supporters need to STFU or they are called mysogynists.

As it stands right now Obama leads in delegate count and popular vote.

Whoever wins, wins. it will go to the convention.

If Obama has the most delegates he wins and is the nominee, period.

If Hillary has the most delegates she wins and is the nominee, period.

What is ridiculous to me is the notion that somehow one candidate or the other will become the nominee without having the most delegates. Or that one candidate even though that candidate is behind, somehow deserves the nomination more than the other.

It will be over soon...but not soon enough.

two crows said...

hi, Larry --
I'll contact you later [after the cat pics are done] about those Hubble posts. maybe we can do a parallel hosting of them?

two crows said...

hi AAP--
no, I don't know weaseldog and didn't see any vids.

what I DID do today was go out and start working on my tan. still too early to swim -- tho some visitors from Maryland were frolicking around in the pool -- and their 3-y-o son learned how to swim without his water wings today. he was a joy to watch -- from my beach chair.
still, I did put my swim-suit on and sunned for about 3 1/2 hours [and fell asleep for over 2]. I was able to forget for those 3 hours about what's happening -- till I got home and heard my neighbor holding forth [completely erroneously, imo] about how stupid the Obama supporters are.

I bit my tongue and came indoors.

two crows said...

hi, Mary Ellen --
fwiw, when I commended LT, it was for his statement that he will vote for the dem candidate.
I agree with you that calling for either specific candidate or their supporters to 'step aside' is ill-judged.

while I do wish ONE of them would do so, far be it from me to decide which. they each need to search their souls, look at the state of the nation and make their decisions based on that -- as I believe Edwards did.
imnsho -- his was the one reasoned voice in the 3-way race.

if this dog-and-pony show continues much longer the country is heading down, fast. maybe it's already too late to rescue the dem party from itself but I wish someone would try.

two crows said...

oops, I missed your comment Poli -- how'd I do that?
okey -- sorry about misreading your intent.

as to the invective being hurled -- lets be fair:
people who criticise Clinton may be being called misogynists -- but anyone who calls Obama to task for any reason is called a racist.
it's happening on both sides.
which is why I'm posting cat pics.
and, who woulda thunk that my simple little explanation as to why I'm bowing out and asking for tolerance and reason to prevail [please note Einstein's and Moyer's quotes at the end of the post] would bring out such passion among the comments?
**pant, pant**

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear your relaxing and catching a few rays. My sister said it is nice and pleasant right now. It's funny you said that about your neighbor. Many Florides are McCain the war monger fans. You were wise to bit your tongue.
Anyway, here is Jack's (weaseldog's)site check out the 2nd video you'll enjoy it. Relax and stay in touch!

LET'S TALK said...

Mary Ellen, I've had no dog in this fight but there is just not that many delegates left to give Hillary any victory regardless to how many States are left.

The only way for her to win is to play by the rules and hope the superdelegates give her the nod.

I don't like her tactics during this race but if by chance she is the nominee she will get my vote. If Obama is the nominee he will get my vote as well.

I am just calling it the way that I see it. There is just not enough delegates left for her to become the front runner going into the convention she has made it hard for Obama to face McCain if he is the winner.

Even Bill Maher questioned her tactics when he talked with Terry McAuliffe. I know that recall my post about this video at Let's Talk About It.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
thanx for the good wishes and weaseldog's blog. what an idyllic life he has! well, at least that how it looks from my easy chair. probably lots and lots of work, tho.
as to the political scene around here:
yeah, I think my blood pressure is dropping since I dropped out of the fight. -- will continue to monitor it as this isn't the first time this has happened and it may be a fluke.
and, yeah, lost of repub's around here -- but A LOT of em are jumping ship right now because of BushCo's incompentence [I'm just grateful these guys aren't any more efficient than they are -- or we'd be in even worse shape.]
toddling off now to set up my swarm post before I go to bed.
check in later to see a hybrid post about the war and the economy.