March 20, 2008

Bush Cat:
No see um.
No hear um.
Appropriately, I've got pics that illustrate that he won't look to see what's in front of his nose.
And, he'll do what he has to do to not hear the American people.
But, I don't have one that says anything about not speaking-- because then he wouldn't be able to lie.


an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

two crows that was me. I hate typos! I'm the typo King!
Hey two crows!
What the heck did I do wrong? I commented on this yesterday. I have to laugh. I thought no-see-ums were a joke when I first went to Florida and they were telling me about the insects.
Both of those cats are super cute but that second one is cool!

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I hadn't thought about it when I set up the post:
to the president, I think we ARE no more than insects you can't even see.

Snave said...

You didn't mention "No smell um", and with five cats at our house, I am glad ours work diligently at that one.

Snave said...

I didn't mention re. "No smell um" that it DOES relate to Bush-Cheney. They lay these big, smelly piles of poo on America, then they cover it up to try and mask the stink. To them, America is their litter box. They piss in it and crap in it, and then they feel better so they can go out and strop on things.

two crows said...

hi Snave--
sorry it's taken so long to respond to this:
I've been sick -- again:

hmmmmm---are they really trying to mask the stink? I hadn't noticed.