June 2, 2008

Human Bitten By Feline

Hey, everyone—
No I haven’t finished the projects yet. In fact another one has taken me on:

It seems someone came in a few days ago and dropped off a cat in our neighborhood. She’s been hanging out around the pool.

Since I got to Florida 15 months ago, I’ve been content not being responsible for anyone but me. But this little lady [she’s 3 colors, so is probably female] is so friendly and, when the park manager mentioned that she has lost weight since she arrived here, my heart melted.

So, I carted over to PetSmart today and laid in a supply of kitten food [she’s at least an adolescent but, since she’s been losing weight, I figure she can use the extra nutrients to start with] litter, a litter box, a scratcher and a couple of toys. I drove home, set everything up, walked over to the pool and—she’s nowhere to be found. Of course.

Now that I’ve committed myself, I’m feeling a bit anxious for her though she probably was simply hiding from the sun [it’s a scorcher out there, today].

So, anyway, I may be taking on a new family member tonight and a trip to the vet just got added to tomorrow’s itinerary. If there is a merciful God, she’s not already pregnant and, as well as her shots, she’ll be staying at the vet’s for several hours while she gets a full check-up, gets spayed, etc.

So, so much for being responsible only for myself. **sigh**

Oh, well, I’ve had a parade of cats go through my home for 35 years or more. [Or, to be more precise, numerous feline owners have allowed me to reside in their house with them.]
Tess lived to be 19, fergoshsakes!

This little lady hasn’t even told me her name, yet—let alone whether she’ll want to help with the blogs. If she has a penchant for politics, spiritual matters or even funny videos, she’ll likely put in an appearance every so often. We’ll see.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't mean to be unkind, but I'm SO glad to see there's another sucker besides me.:) We weren't even living here yet - just moving in. I had the door "locked" open so I could carry things in. This tiny black object sauntered into the house like she owned the place! She does. We just pay the mortgage and buy her kitty food so she won't throw us out. She was very well groomed, very well fed, and very friendly. As I held her, I thought: "Somebody's kitten got out. How terrible for them." But we don't do things that way, so armed with several closeups printed out, we made the rounds of the subdivision. It took the whole day. Finally, I got back in the car exhausted, and said, "well honey, that was the last house, and they said no, it's not our kitten. What now?" My wife responded by jumping up and down in the car seat, crying, screaming, and trying to strangle me, all at once.

The beautiful little darling's name is Ebony, she's jet black, the vet said she was in fine shape, wasn't pregnant, all the right words. We rushed home, and fought for the rest of the day over who got to spoil her next!:)

two crows said...

hi, future--
just color me whatever your favorite flavor of sucker is -- I'll go along with it.

Jake was indignant yesterday when I left to go swimming. he's going to have to get used to the idea that pets aren't allowed outside here unless they're on a leash and I would never subject a cat to such humiliation let alone risk. a dog is unlikely to jump up on a fence and end up hanging itself. a cat very well could.