June 2, 2008


Well, I went back up to the pool and, when I walked in the gate with the cat carrier, everyone knew what I was up to and wanted to help. One lady had some treats she’d been feeding the cat with. They said it had just been there and probably hadn’t gone far.

So, I sat down and waited and, a very few minutes later here it came around the corner. A man said that a couple of ladies had said it was a neutered male. I’m still not sure about that because the main colors are gray and white [what I call a tabico—pure white with tabby markings] but, I detect some hints of orange under the tail and between the back legs. Not much, but enough, I think, to qualify as 3 colors.

Anyway, it kinda freaked when it saw the cat carrier—so someone hid it and the cat settled down in my lap. No way was it going to ride home in the cart though, so, I carried it home on foot. The cat got a little agitated on the way home so we came to an agreement—we’ll give ourselves 48 hours or so and, if it wants to move out, it’s free to go.

Unfortunately, I had been debating between 2 flea collars at the store and seem to have gotten home with neither. **sigh**
But, since we’ve been home, the cat has met the food and water bowls and the litter box and the scratching pad. The catnip on the scratch pad brought on some biting of my wrist but we had words and the cat settled right down.

I haven’t investigated to see if I can determine the sex yet, so we haven’t even begun discussing a name. So far it’s ‘Hey, you.’

Right now, I think it’s still investigating the house. In fact, it’s awfully quiet out there. Maybe I’d better check and see what it’s up to.
It had made itself at home on the living room couch. A good sign. Acourse, the fact that there are several layers of moccasin leather and fur on the couch probably helped in that department. Just wait till it tries the couch in the guest room! It’s got about twice the layers as the l/r one. Cat heaven.
I just checked again. She [I'm still thinking of her as a 'her'] has now discovered the sheepskin on the living room couch. I think she's found her spot.

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