July 10, 2008

And the Band Plays On

I was amazed yesterday. A friend, not some stupid, lunatic fringe person but an intelligent woman, told me that she believes Iraq had WMD's.
When I asked her where Saddam had hidden them that we haven't been able to find them in 5 years, she was totally unwavering in her conviction that they're still there. Somewhere.


Until that happened, I still held hope that we might not get dragged into yet another pointless and illegal war.
But when I hear this woman who: 1] has no use, at all, for Bush 2] calls him a pathological liar 3] hates the way the country is going STILL buy the WMD story wholesale, I absolutely despair for us all.

The people Bush wants to attack for no reason are PEOPLE NOT TARGETS.
The people he wants to send are OUR KIDS -- NOT ASSETS.
And, I fear he will get away with it. Again.


Mary Ellen said...

Geez, when I started reading this...

I was amazed yesterday. A friend, not some stupid, lunatic fringe person..., I was afraid you were talking about me. Then I continued reading, I was amazed yesterday. A friend, not some stupid, lunatic fringe person , and I realized I was off the hook. Phew! :-D

Yup, they're still out there...the misinformed, not the WMD.

Yup, Iran, here we come! I truly believe we will be at war with Iran before Bush leaves office. What has he got to lose? He already knows that he is the most unpopular President and dubbed the worst President in the history of our country...why not add to his resume?

God help us, we're screwed. :-(

dguzman said...

I too fear that we'll end up in Iran via Israel. They can declare war with impugnity, and we'll "have" to help them "because they're our friends!" Imagine--with Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we'd be fucked on three different fronts! Worst. President. Ever.

two crows said...

hi, Mary Ellen--
yep-- the great uninformed will be with us always.
some things never change. :(
hey, dguzman--
I figure BushCo will get us there without any help from Israel.
I keep hearing the war-drums beating.

opit said...

It's been in the works for quite a while.
I kept up with TomDispatch when Engelhardt seemed to be thought a lunatic alarmist. I happened to pick up on Rumsfeld's stashing a document away from casual perusal; not to mention Cheney's explanation of why Bush Sr. didn't invade Iraq. That and the PNAC meshed into a projection which was consistant with what Bush was doing when everything told the public wasn't. Guess which seemed more plausible.
Oh, yes. There is quite a list of nations in oil-bearing regions having problems with security. Given the fact that it's an open secret what the CIA is doing in Iran, is it such a leap to checking out what might be happening elsewhere ?
http://www.globalresearch.ca/ is a stunning compendium of military analyses.
I keep my "Links" page as a resource to get one started on the hunt for alternate sources of news. The Delic.io.us file is a sometimes amazing tool, so much that I posted some links under 'Education' devoted to the best use of the resource.

two crows said...

hi, again, opit--
'It's been in the works for quite a while.'

oh, yeah, its an open secret, all right.
back when Bush was bleating about Iraq and the 'mushroom cloud,' I was screaming at the radio, 'LET THE DAMNED INSPECTORS DO THEIR JOBS, A**H*LE!' for all the good it did.

thanx for the references.