July 12, 2008

Heard on NPR

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I learned this via Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! a current events quiz show [and a great news source].
True story:
Airlines will soon begin issuing immobilization bracelets before flights. If you turn out to be a terrorist and start posing a threat to other passengers and/or staff, a jolt of electricity will be sent through the the bracelet temporarily disabling you so that you can be wrestled to the floor and handcuffed to your seat for the duration of the flight.

You should eye your neighbors askance-- particularly if they own a dog:
Pet-owners are more likely than non-pet-owners to vote for McCain.
I am currently living with a cat though its not entirely by choice. I hadn't planned on adopting Jake -- but when he wandered into my life I didn't have the heart to say no.
Maybe that distinction accounts for my freakish plan to vote for Obama even though I'm absolutely un-thrilled by his voting record. Yes, there's a pet in my life but I'm not a true-believer. . . .

So, "Do you have pets? Who are you planning to vote for?"
Of course, McCain would be better cast as pet than president.
I had heard some time ago that there is a negative correlation between eating curry, even occasionally, and Alzheimer's Disease.
Now, I hear that there is a positive correlation between eating tofu and dementia.
Trade-offs, trade-offs. :.-(

Wellllllllllll -- there's not that much tofu in hot and sour soup, anyway, is there?
[Maybe if I sprinkle in a little curry???]


Mary Ellen said...

So, blame the pets if McCain wins, eh? LOL! Well, look at the bright side, if McCain wins, he may be too old to do much damage.

Besides, I don't think cats count as "pets". It's usually the owners that turn out to be the pets of the deity cat. No?

Mary Ellen said...

Oh....and that bracelets thing, yikes! Although I think all teenagers should be fitted with one on their 13th birthday. It could be removed when they are 21 years old, and that's only if they are no longer living with their parents.

two crows said...

hi, Mary Ellen---
point taken about cats. my functions are to pay the rent, keep the food bowl filled, sacrifice all furniture and crumple up and toss cigarette packs on the floor.
while I do agree that the person NEXT to me on the plane might, on occasion merit a bracelet, I'd still be against em on gp.
but that's just me.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- I agree, fitting people with bracelets that will shock you...reminds me of those training collars they use on dogs. Not to mention, who the hell is going to be willing to be treated like a criminal in order to fly? I'd rather take the train or drive. Ridiculous..oh, and that will go over REAL big with the business class people who have no choice but to fly. Why don't they just put collars on everyone and shackle them to their seats?

This is the insanity that we are dealing with now...so much for Democracy.

two crows said...

yeah --
come to think of it, when a few execs backhand a few flight attendants who approach em with that bracelet [and land em in the hospital--and the airlines have to pay their workmen's comp] the airlines may rethink this policy.

libhom said...

If you think people are afraid of flying now, wait until people are being tazed by malfunctioning bracelets.

Mauigirl said...

Well, I've got a cat and a dog and I'm not voting for McCain!

Creepy about the bracelets. I won't wear one!!!

two crows said...

hi, Libhom and welcome--
yeah, there's SO much that could go wrong with the technology alone.
meanwhile, treating your innocent civilians like criminals sounds like SUCH a good idea! why not just dump us all in concentration camps and be done with it?

two crows said...

hi Mauigirl--
and won't the airlines [which are hurting so badly anyway] love this?
people are _already_ staying home in droves because they can't afford the gas prices. add the bracelets and air travel will drop to only those business people who can't use computers.

Wally da Weasel said...

If Brother Tim votes for McCain, he's in a world of trouble.;)