November 23, 2008

c u later

hey, folks--
I'll be out of pocket for about a week.
Some friends offered to drive, so I'm off to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. I think I must be out of my mind but I'm gonna do it anyway: heading north just at the time when the first snows begin to fly in that area isn't my brightest idea. Given that it's Missouri, that could well mean freezing rain covered by snow. :(
Still, it's a chance to visit friends I left behind-- so, too good a chance to pass up.

So, will see you all when I get back. Meanwhile, there's hot-and-sour-soup in the fridge along with some Mongolian Beef with Noodles. And lemonade. And, some steeping tea in the cabinet. Help yourselves -- just, please, don't spill on the rug, ok?

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