December 2, 2008

I'm ba-ack! :)

Honey, I'm ho-ome!
Exhausted. And, yes, it snowed while I was up there. Well, it was Thanksgiving -- what did I expect?
And the car broke down 100 miles outside KC, on the way home. :(
But, we made it!
Going to check now and see if you [and Jake] left me any soup.
Then, I'm gonna sleep for a day or so.
C U soon.


an average patriot said...

Sorry about the break down but glad you got back safely with just a little reminder of why you relocated. Take care!

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
well, it'll be my last trip for a good, long while.

after I got home, the woman who was looking after Jake told me he ate nothing while I was gone.
he only moved in with me a few months ago-- I had no idea he was _that_ dependent on me!

an average patriot said...

Animals are like people when it is right it is right! It does not take long! Glad you're back!

Dave Dubya said...

There's no place like home FROM the holidays!

two crows said...

hey, Jim--
well, I guess this must be a match made in heaven, then. Jake has been fawning over me ever since I got home.
hi, Dave--
**sigh** how right you are!
when I got home it was COLD [well, 60 IS cold for florida!] things are better now: it was in the mid-70's today.

before I left, when I was griping about the cold weather, a friend said my trip would help me appreciate what I've got here. boy, was HE right about that!