November 19, 2008

Drawing the Fangs

Obama Is Killing the GOP With Kindness -- Jacob Heilbrunn
Where Bush sought to polarize, Obama is taking the opposite approach. He wants to embrace the opposition. . . .
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I'm going to inject a little religion here---sorrrrreeee---but, not being a government or religious institution, I'm not required to divorce religion and politics.
If I remember my New Testament correctly, in the verse following the passage where the Christ Soul tells us to turn the other cheek, he goes on to say, 'You will heap coals of fire upon his head.'

I've always read that to mean: 'Be good to those who are mean to you not in order to turn into a doormat but for a very pragmatic reason: he'll feel guilty and stop doing what he's been doing.'
Seems like pretty sound reasoning, to me.


an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! I have always turned it on them. I have done it since childhood and it always works. Glad to finally have a leader that can think. Kill them with kindness!

two crows said...

hi Jim--
yeah. the rethuglican method of killing with cruelty resulted in the dems standing up on their hind legs and fighting back -- finally.

killing with kindness just might result in their getting all confused and not being able to unite against him.

go for it Barry! =)

an average patriot said...

I believe Obama will be forced primarily to react to the numerous crises Bush has set in motion but in doing so we and the world will not be disappointed!

Dusty said...

But you can't reason with satan...he knows what he does and why.