November 16, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel, via U.S. News: "Obama held the first news conference today as president-elect. Some veteran White House reporters were a little bit confused because he didn't make up any words and almost everything he said made sense."


an average patriot said...

It is so nice to hear some intelligence and have a President we and the world can be proud of. Obama will not disappoint!

two crows said...

hi Jim--
I know I would've been confused if I was a reporter.
a pres who not only makes sense but ANSWERS QUESTIONS or TELLS you he's not going to answer [did you see his interview on 60 Minutes, last night?]

wow. :)

Dusty said...


I needed the chuckle...bless you Two Crows ;)

Mauigirl said...

Absolutely! Every time I hear him speak and answer questions I feel so good knowing he is so smart. My husband likes to say it's because he's a Columbia graduate (he went to Columbia too, but graduated before Obama got there!). ;-)

two crows said...

hi, Dusty--
we aim to please! this was just too good to pass up. =D
hiya, mauigirl
hey, those ol' grads gotta stick together!

and, yes, it's SO refreshing to hear him speak.
and, besides, it's ever-so-lovely to think that he may just be smart enough to start turning this poor old country [not to mention world] around.
**fingers crossed**
how wonderful it is not to have crooks and or imbeciles in the White House.

two crows said...

oops, I jumped the gun by 62 days, 8 1/2 hours. sorry.

but, soon--- soon.