December 18, 2008

Coal's Response to Rachel

On 12/12, Rachel Maddow was blamed by the “Clean” Coal Industry because its blog didn’t receive as many hits as it wanted after she had featured it on her program earlier that week.
Furthermore, it threatened her. When she said that it was offensive that the “Clean” Coal ad had used the hymn Silent Night to sell a product that pollutes and to spread lies about it, a related blog-site said that it could, in turn, publicize things put forth by Rachel that offended the developers of this ad.

Rachel’s response: "Oh! Is that a promise? My work here is done!"
Go, Rachel! =D


libhom said...

Coal companies aren't advertising on news networks to try to get people to buy more coal. They are trying to buy more favorable coverage. It's good to see that it isn't always working.

Dave Dubya said...

Gotta love Rachel!

Did you see Senator Levin all but admit Cheney was a war criminal on her show the other night?

two crows said...

hi, libhom--
sorry it has taken so long to get back here. I've been SO busy!

and, yep. they're trying to sell the _idea_ of coal-- not the coal itself. and, no, it's not working.
the ad that's been running to put the lie to the myth of "clean" coal has, from what I can see, much more favorable ratings among the people.
yeah, Dave, Rachel is one of the good'uns, isn't she?

and, no, I think I missed Levin. I did, tho, see Cheney himself basically admit that he is a criminal-- when he defended the use of torture by our officials, admitted that he was in the loop on that decision and that he would do it again.

we've got to drag him, Bush and Rumsfeld [at the very least] to the Hague.
if we don't, who knows when or if our country will ever make its way back to its previous status as a credible nation?