December 18, 2008

My Old Mayor Weighs In

Emanuel Cleaver II used to be the Mayor of my old home town, Kansas City, Mo. And, he was a good one, too. He was reelected several times before setting out for DC where he has been the representative of my old district for a number of elections, now.

He wrote an op-ed for the WaPo recently and I felt compelled to post it here. Sounds like pretty good advice to me: 'keep a lid on sky-high expectations'.


libhom said...

No one has sky high expectations of Obama. We just want him to stop acting like a Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush Republican. That is all.

two crows said...

hi, libhom--
I think some folks do have extremely high expectations. and some others want him to fall flat on his face so they can point and snicker.

myself, I'm very disappointed in his choice of the rev. he chose for the invocation. Obama abandoned a large group of the people who got him elected with that one move alone.

by choosing someone who believes homosexuality can be 'cured' and refuses to allow glbt's into his church is a slap in the face to a lot of people who poured their hearts and souls into his campaign.

I personally get very, very angry when "Christians" spread hate and bigotry. and I thought Obama felt the same way. maybe I was wrong.