December 12, 2008

Where Was He?
After his appearance on David Letterman last night, the talking heads are asking, 'Where was this John McCain during the campaign?' He was funny. He seemed aware. All traces of senility were gone.

Hello!!! He's no longer saddled with a bid for the presidency that he had no intention of winning. Apparently, losing an election is almost as hard as winning. See my post for November 1: A Losing Strategy.


JollyRoger said...

I don't think he set out to lose the election, but I do think he realized it was over quite awhile before the cretins who talked him into things like Caribou Barbie and Joe the Dumber did.

two crows said...

hey JollyRoger--
you may be right--but I'm still not so sure.

the talking heads were saying at the beginning of the campaign season that the next pres would have only 4 years to clean up the mess and would be voted out when he failed.
as I watched the campaigns unfold, it looked more and more like Rovian tactics in reverse: "Let's lose this election and sweep the next one."

I sincerely hope I'm wrong in my assessment.