January 21, 2009

From the White House's Website

Talk about hitting the ground running!
The website lays out proposed legislation to address civil rights for all minorities including all ethnic groups, GLBT's, and women.
Issues such as ending employment discrimination, addressing hate crimes, equal pay for equal work, repealing the 'don't ask don't tell' rules, drug discrimination [prosecuting crack possession differently from possession of powder cocaine], sending non-violent drug-crime perps to treatment rather than prison, dealing with the rise in AIDS infection among women, etc. etc. etc. are all slated to get early billing according to the website.
Click here to get a look at the White House's agenda.

It's a brand new, bright Obama day!


Dave Dubya said...

Finally some positively exciting events to witness!

Operation American Freedom begins.

two crows said...

hi, Dave--
it is exciting isn't it?
and, I heard on Rachel Maddow yesterday that O is already tackling not only the economy, the war, Gitmo, the environment, etc. etc. but also the changes in policy that made all the rest possible.

I had feared he would not give back all the power that BushCo stole. But he has already started doing that. **whew!**