January 21, 2009

Well, I spent the day glued to the TV and it was such a lovely change to hear an articulate man talk about the issues we're facing as if he actually understood them. No false bravado and, "Bring it on!" No mispronounced words. No pride in being uneducated.

I felt myself breathing deeper than I had in years. And, in fact, I hadn't known how much tension I'd been holding in till I let go of it.

One lovely note: someone said Obama will be hitting the ground running tomorrow and gave an outline of the meetings he has scheduled. And I was reminded of the day after the inauguration 8 years ago when Bush lit out for a month's vacation in Texas. At the time, I asked anyone who would listen why he worked so hard to steal the election if he didn't want the job.

On another note:
This is the first time I've ever watched an inauguration. So, can someone please tell me-- are the male reporters ALWAYS so preoccupied with what the women reporters are wearing? I don't know how many times I heard some man ask a professional woman about the label of the clothing she had on. Most of the women dodged the question or tried to make a joke of it but he just kept on inserting his foot in his mouth [Biden has nothing on this guy].

Finally, a man who was being interviewed made a joke about who had designed his tie and guy who had been quizzing one woman after another shut the hell up. When will men stop seeing professional women as being fit only to discuss fashion design on television?

I hope someone will soon do for women what Obama did for non-white men today.

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