January 1, 2009

This article from WebEcoist presents twenty nine disturbing ads illustrating what we as a species are doing to the environment that sustains us--but for how much longer? Please take a look and pass these on to your email list. We need to get the word out and these ads capture the imagination in ways that are difficult to ignore.


libhom said...

When I think of environmental damage, what immediately pops into my mind is how the stimulus plans being offered at the moment plan on spending nothing for public transit and a lot on automobile transportation. This seems crazy to me.

two crows said...

hi, libhom--
I agree with you. public transportation in Kansas City [where I used to live] was a joke.

When I think about it in the current situation, I have to wonder about the politics involved.
Obama has the cities pretty well sewn up. The rural areas are more iffy for him. And highways serve the rural communities more while public transit is, basically, a service for the larger cities.

I hope I'm wrong about this and public transit will get the funds it needs. but I've seen politics get in the way of true progress too many times to have much faith.

after all, Gore had to get out of traditional politics before he could really begin addressing the issue.