January 1, 2009

May you all have a wonderful year with all good things flowing your way. Now that we have a President with a brain and the will to help us out of the mess the last 8 years have brought-- mebbe there's a chance this New Year's Wish will come to pass. Peace.


an average patriot said...

Hi Two Crows
I am cruising the old neighborhood and came by to wish you a Happy New Year! Hope all is well!

Dave Dubya said...

We Americans are enjoying what I call our political "Bubble of Hope".

This time between November 4 and January 20 is our period of anticipating all the possibilities of positive change before the republicans and corproate dems gum up the works.

Still, the future could have been darker, and in republican hands, if McCain/Palin had won. That would certainly have put a lid on any chances of reform.

I am jaded as can be, but I will hold onto some hope because that's what we must never give up.

two crows said...

backatcha, Jim!
may the coming year treat you better than the last one did.
ditto, Dave--
I'm not expecting wondrous things. I am, though, sitting here with crossed fingers and hoping to get at least part of my Constitution back.