February 15, 2009

Another Week, Another Ulcer

I was watching This Week with George Stephanopolous and feeling sick. Again.

Congressman Peter King [R-NY], Congressman Lindsay Graham [R-NC], Congresswoman Maxine Waters [D-CA] and Senator Charles Schumer [D-NY] were on the panel.

King and Graham belly-ached about the [fact? I don't know] that they were frozen out of writing the economic bill. When Congresswoman Waters pointed out that the three senators who stepped up to vote for the bill proposed amendments that were, across the board, accepted, they just kept on beating the same drum. They ignored the concept that, if you say NO, you don't get to change things.
They dissed the Democrats, saying that they gloated, "We won, we get to write the bill."
But, how quickly they forget what was happening for the first 6 years under Bush. The Republicans wrote new Congressional rules that froze out the minority party.
Apparently, they believed they would never again be in the minority. And didn’t they SCREAM when the Democrats enforced those same rules for the first hundred days after they gained the majority!
imo, Democrats were just too nice. They should have kept those rules for a lot longer than one hundred days.

When asked, King denied that he voted against the bill in order to present a united front. However, when it was brought up that he was in favor of the infrastructure and tax cut parts of the bill [the largest parts], he protested that he was against the tax cuts for the arts [a miniscule part] thereby admitting that the reason he voted against it was in order to present a united front. Period.

I’m so sick of the Rethuglicans I could vomit.


JollyRoger said...

King is an idiot. But he's got plenty of company in the rump Gopper organization.

two crows said...

unless he's changed a lot in the last 8 years [which I doubt] Stephanopolous was bending over backward [or forward] today. there was a shot of King in the House and a voice-over was saying how 'independent' he is.
[Remember when the same thing was being said about McSame?]

I kept my barf bag handy.

an average patriot said...

Watching that charade was sickening. It was obvious that not only do we not matter but Obama does not matter either.

The two party's that is it! America's spy agencies just came out with a list of our top 5 threats headed by bush's world wide financial collapse. They better rewrite it and put our two party system on the top of the list as the biggest threat to the entire world!

two crows said...

well, I don't expect the republicans to embrace Obama. but they SAY they want bipartisanship.

obviously, to them, bipartisanship means, 'Do what we tell you to.'
they don't seem to comprehend that the Democrats won all 3 houses.

Dusty said...

King is a tool of the highest order. I like Rachel Maddow's explanation of the GOP:

They are in exile and I hope to hell they stay there for at least 50 years. ;)

two crows said...

hi, Dusty--
and it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

in fact, Olbermann just said it looks like the rethugs now want to let Detroit go down the tubes.
oh WHAT a good idea THAT would be! how many other industries [car seat covers, spark plugs, tires, brake pads, muffler repair, etc. etc. etc.] would go down too.

libhom said...

The stimulus plan was loaded with economy slowing tax cuts. It already included enough bad GOP ideas.

two crows said...

well, the cuts for the 1 percenters were a truly bad idea.

the current cuts, coming incrementally with each paycheck, just might help.
a fairly large amount coming all at once tends to be saved or used to pay down debts. small amounts are more likely to be spent.

hope so, anyway.