February 20, 2009

From the Huffington Post:
How the New York Post Monkey Cartoon Should've Looked-- by Lee Camp


an average patriot said...

Must have been an idiot who drew that or just one of those brain dead idiot Republicans who will say and do anything regardless of how destructive just to have their screwed up way.

How can they be so stupid to say it is being misconstrued invoking race into it. Hello am i stupid too? Last time I looked I wasn't black but I don't like what I see in that cartoon!

two crows said...

hey Jim--
last I heard Rupert Murdoch is still saying it's not racist.
I heard on Rachel Maddow last night that the last time something like this happened, Murdock stood by his guy for six months -- then fired him.
That way, he pretended he wasn't bowing to pressure.

I plan to keep an eye on this situation for 6 months.

libhom said...

Isn't it illegal to joke about assassinating the President?

two crows said...

hi Libhom-
hnh! I hadn't thought about that.
oops. Rupert had better watch who he stands up for.